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Fide defines itself as a legal-economic think-tank with a clear inclusive, collective and independent vocation. We are convinced that the best solutions are born from the joint work of groups of individuals with diverse experiences and knowledge: this is how we achieve excellence in the analysis we carry out on those issues that we consider to be of maximum relevance today.

A Reference in Civil Society

The reality is increasingly complex. Society, business activities, public and private institutions and the relationship between all of them and their regulation is changing rapidly. Both nationally and internationally. To understand all these phenomena and act professionally, it is necessary to maintain a attitude of permanent formation by exchanging knowledge with highly qualified professionals.

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Thanks to our collective efforts, Fide is establishing its position as the leading think tank in the field of legal and economic affairs in our country. 'We will continue to work along these lines in the coming years to also achieve this prestigious position on an international level.

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Cristina Jimenez

President. Foundress.

Carmen Hermida


Victoria Dal Lago

Academic Director

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