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A legal-economic think-tank

More than 300 forums and debates a year allow our members to know the issues that arise in the legal-business environment in our country, Europe, and other continents.

The Foundation for Research on Law and Business (Fide) is a collective project born within the civil society with a clearly defined vocation: to be a meeting place for companies, public administration and independent professionals.

Active Since 2007

Fide is a legal-economic think-tank, an operational center of knowledge in a practical state, made possible thanks to the active participation of all levels of civil society that have something to say about it: from the top management of the companies to law firms, from university chairs to Courts of Justice, from all instances of the Administration to professionals from different fields related to the world of Law and Business. They all have a place, and a preferred place, in Fide.


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What we do?

Every year, Fide organizes more than 300 forums and debates that allow to know first-hand the resolutions, regulations or issues that arise daily in the legal-business environment, and the conclusions that are reached, which allows all attendees, not only to have a direct approach to the most relevant questions of the economic legal world, but also to debate them among themselves with direct knowledge of the opinions of their authors.

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Law - Economics - Science - Technology

Knowledge Areas

At Fide we analyze topics of maximum interest in different areas of work in order to publish useful reports for the different interest groups.


We analyze all areas of law in Spain and the European Union.


What are the legal repercussions of the economic measures?


We seek solutions to the main legal problems that arise in the field of scientific research.


Technology advances at a rate much higher than its legislation. This is where Fide works to create constructive proposals.
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Research and Working Groups

More than 25 groups of experts meet regularly at Fide to analyze, debate and make concrete proposals on legal, economic and scientific issues that we consider merit input from a legal perspective.

Fide Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is responsible for the general management of Fide. Its main function is to ensure the achievement and fulfillment of the foundational purposes, define the best strategy for the achievement of said purposes and attend to the fulfillment and satisfaction of the economic and administrative needs of the Foundation.

Cristina Jimenez

President. Foundress.

Argimiro Vazquez Guillén

Attorney for the Courts and Vice President of Fide.

Álvaro Lobato Lavín

Magistrate on leave of absence, Secretary of Fide.

Antonio Moreno Rodriguez

Vocal. Founder.

Juan Moral de la Rosa

Prosecutor on leave of absence. Lawyer. President of Mega2.

Juan Ramón Caridad

Country Head, GAM

Paz Ambrosy

Managing Partner at Global Institutional Investors

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Work groups

Figures Academic year 2019-2020

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Q & A

Fide, is a think tank born within civil society with a clearly defined vocation: to be a meeting place for companies, public administration and independent professionals.

Throughout the academic year, all legal and economic issues, as well as those related to the scientific field, which we consider to be of interest to the professionals who make up and participate in Fide, are analyzed and debated at Fide.

Fide's working groups are made up of plural profiles that prepare recommendations, regulatory proposals, and responses to public consultations on standards to improve the system.

To participate in FIDE you just have to contact us. We will ask you to fill in a series of data to verify the suitability of your profile in those areas in which you are interested.

No, Fide is an independent foundation that requires financial contributions in order to carry out all its activities that allow it to fulfill its founding purpose. For this, many institutions, companies, offices and independent professionals collaborate financially to provide Fide with the necessary resources for the execution of all its projects.

Many authors publish their articles and reflections annually on Fide. To do this, you have to contact us, send us your article and your CV and submit the text to the consideration of those responsible for the website, who will assess the adequacy of the article to the Fide publication standards.

If you have any other questions, if you have any other questions or have any proposal that is not answered here, please get in touch with us and we will be happy to assist you.


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