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Today the legal, national and international economic framework presents a different complexity, requires an increasing interconnection between professionals from different areas of activity and Fide actively participate in this transformation.


A meeting place for professionals from the legal-economic world from law firms, public administration, educational institutions and civil society

Sessions and Discussion Forums

Research and Working Groups

Courses and workshops

events and congresses

Redefining the dialogue

Sessions and Discussion Forums

Fide organizes Forums and Sessions where they submit to examination of legal-economic and business aspects from the wide sectors of the world today that require singular treatment and that they obey topical issues. These forums and sessions are the essence of Fide, our hallmark. Are intellectual encounters of the highest quality and with maximum freedom. To some extent it is possible to affirm that we have inaugurated a new way of dialogue

In some of these sessions we have international experts providing a global and international vision of the economic, legal and business news of an increasingly globalized world, with common challenges, problems, concerns and solutions.

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"The saddest aspect of life today is that science gains in knowledge faster than society in wisdom."

Redefining the dialogue

Research and Working Groups

One of the main objectives of Fide it is the generation of ideas for the future, the contribution of solutions for current challenges.

Fide annually organizes a series of working groups made up of professionals who are closely linked to the matters dealt with in the respective areas of analysis, whose purpose is to make a continuous and deep reflection on some of the great issues that we have considered that because of their urgency, need for reform or capacity for improvement deserve to be the object of special reflection by the group of professionals that make up Fide.
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Active Groups
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Published Proposals

Energy Transition Working Group

Digital Money and Payment Systems Working Group

Science, Economics and Law Working Group

Working Group Convention on the Future of Europe

Climate emergency and water management working group

...and many more!

The highest activity that a human being can achieve is to learn to understand why understanding is to be free.

Pushing the limits of knowledge

Courses and workshops

Fide makes available to professionals, companies, offices, consultancies, and institutions, both public and private, training sessions designed to suit their needs, composing in each caso highly specialized programs in each of the subjects to be treated.

Additionally, we organize workshops and training aimed at professionals who seek to improve their knowledge on various legal, economic and technological matters, or to train from scratch in new areas of knowledge, which they can then apply in their respective professional fields.

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The manifestation of business excellence can be seen in the efficient management of commercial disputes. Mediation is a suitable system to achieve this excellence and CMF provides the solutions for effective commercial mediation.

Alternative resolution of business disputes


From Fide We are strongly committed to Mediation as the future of conflict resolution between parties. 

That is why we have developed a whole new area dedicated to exploring and promoting this practice in Spain and other countries.

"Long is the way of teaching by theory; short and effective by example."

Other forms of growth

Events and congresses

Conventions and fairs

We organize several congresses throughout the year which, thanks to their extensive format, allow us to delve into the analysis and progress of various relevant matters for the professionals who come to Fide each day.

Conventions and fairs

National and international conferences where we analyze various subjects in depth.

Art Exhibition

The relationship with art was born from the desire to strengthen the links between art, Fide and his or her environment. We start from the conviction that the knowledge society, and therefore the revitalization of culture, are fundamental today. In response to the cultural concerns of the members of Fide, we develop activities related to literature, music and other humanistic areas.

Every year the walls of Fide They are decorated with exhibitions of artists from all over Spain.
Multiple authors use Fide as a launch pad for his literary works.

Book Presentations

En Fide We develop research work on topics that, due to their relevance, have been the subject of subsequent publication. It is already a tradition in Fide, meet on different occasions throughout the year, on the occasion of the publication of works or works prepared by Members of the Academic Council and Collaborators of Fide.

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