National and International Congresses

An in-depth analysis of topical issues.

Congresses of Fide

The previous study of the contents of each Congress, the rigorous preparation of the sessions, and the selection of speakers with plural trajectories, as well as the debate methodology followed throughout each session, allows participants an enriching exchange of knowledge, achieve an up-to-date view of the subjects analyzed, meet the different professionals involved in an area and, on many occasions, propose reform conclusions, practical and effective applications to the different issues.

The Congresses allow us to bring together professionals from different countries, professions and experiences to analyze in depth current issues.


Latest restructurings regarding restructurings
Madrid - September 2023

Bankruptcy Reform

New Law and relevant issues in commercial courts
Madrid - October 2022

Globe Digital Encounters

Re-imagining IP in an ever-changing world

Over 30 editions of the Global Digital Encounters hosted by Fide et TIPSA.

Foundation Fide | Garrigues Foundation

Exploring the complex legal environment surrounding industrial and consumer robotics

Foundation Fide | IFED Foundation | Ibero-American Institute of Law and Finance

Fundamentals and regulatory challenges of new technologies in Law and Finance

Industrial and Intellectual Property Congress

Foundation Fide | DENAE

The congress Fide about industrial and intellectual property, in collaboration with DENAE.

International congress on AI and IP

Foundation Fide | Editions 1 and 2

  1. Can robots invent and create? A dialogue between Artificial Intelligence and Intellectual Property > More info
  2. In search of a legal framework to foster innovation in Europe


Congresses of Fide at Jesus College, Oxford with an international orientation

ESG Invest

Overcoming the main ESG Investing changes
Oxford - September 2023


Nationalism, Populism and identities: Contemporary Challenges
Oxford - April 2022

AI and big data

AI, Big Data, and the Digital Economy: Challenges and opportunities
Oxford - September 2019

External Congresses

conferences in which Fide has participated

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