The Bankruptcy Reform


MADRID – OCTOBER 25 | 8.30:17.30 a.m. – XNUMX:XNUMX p.m.

Throughout the congress we will analyze the Bankruptcy Reform, approved in August 2022. Specifically, the first interpretive criteria of the commercial courts, the new products that the standard introduces and how affect to bankruptcy proceedings, Professionals that intervene and all those novelties referred to the pre-bankruptcy figures.

This reform coincides with the end of bankruptcy moratorium, which supposes an added complexity in multiple procedures. For all these reasons, we will also analyze the issues that today occupy the agendas of all the professionals who participate in the contests, from the business, legal and judicial perspective.

Professional collaborators from Fide, which have been actively participating in different activities and working groups on insolvency matters.

We believe that this congress is a magnificent opportunity for all professionals dedicated to bankruptcy law.

Academic direction




8.30:XNUMX a.m. Registration

9.00:9.30 a.m. to XNUMX:XNUMX a.m. Welcome Remarks


Block 1. Economic aspects of the contest.

Previous phases: Refinancing, debt restructuring. Early detection of insolvency. New restructuring plans.

9.30:11.00 a.m. to XNUMX:XNUMX a.m. The day after the bankruptcy moratorium and the impact of the Reform coming into force.

  • Starting point of the Commercial Courts (before and after the moratorium).
  • Duty to request bankruptcy after the moratorium: scope and effects.
  • Impact of the entry into force of the Reform: expected evolution and effects
  • The contest without mass in force the bankruptcy moratorium.
  • Link with the responsibility of the administrator.

11.00:11.30 a.m. to XNUMX:XNUMX a.m. Break. Coffee

11.30:13.30 a.m. to XNUMX:XNUMX p.m. Early detection of insolvency. The new business restructuring plans and the role of the Restructuring Expert

  • Current, imminent and probable insolvency.
  • Early detection systems. What can creditors do to detect probable insolvency situations?
  • Communication of the start of negotiations and their effects.
  • The relationship with the administrator responsibility system.
  • substantive issues
  • The cross-class cramdown and its effect on partners.
  • Figure of the Restructuring Expert: Profile, Role and responsibilities in the face of a possible insolvency

13.30:14.30 a.m. to XNUMX:XNUMX p.m. Informal snack


Block 2.- Specific aspects of the contest.

14.30:15.00 p.m. to XNUMX:XNUMX p.m. Special Regime for Micro-businesses

15.00:16.00 p.m. to XNUMX:XNUMX p.m. Liquidation with continuation of the activity.

  • Urgent sale of the productive unit prepared by the debtor.
  • Urgent sale of the productive unit assisted by an expert in "pre-Pack".
  • The judicial labyrinth of the sale of the productive unit in bankruptcy.

16.00 to 16.15h Rest. Coffee.

16.15:17.15 p.m. to XNUMX:XNUMX p.m. The credit with special privilege in the competition / public credit or with guarantee / public guarantee.

  • Scope of the privilege in a scenario of continuity and liquidation.
  • Right of veto of the special privileged creditor.
  • Credit classification in controversial cases.
  • News of the reform.

17.15:17.30 p.m. to XNUMX:XNUMX p.m. Conclusion and Closing



  • beloved cross, Director of the Restructuring & Insolvency department of Deloitte Legal.
  • Alexandra Borrallo, Attorney at Clifford Chance.
  • Oscar Burgos, Director of recoveries of Banco Santander.
  • Amanda cohen, Magistrate. Advisor to the Directorate General for International Legal Cooperation.
  • Miguel Angel Diez, Head of Debt Advisory FTI Spain | Managing Director.
  • Luis Farres, Director of Bankruptcy and Restructuring Legal Advice at CaixaBank.
  • Ramon Fernandez-Aceytuno, Managing Partner of the Litigation, Bankruptcy and Arbitration Area of ​​Ramón y Cajal Abogados.
  • Olga forner, Partner, Head of the Bankruptcy Law Department of Marimón Abogados.
  • Alvaro Gamez, Partner in the Bankruptcy Area of ​​Broseta Lawyers.
  • Jose Antonio Garcia-Argudo, Director of Sareb's Procedural and Bankruptcy Legal Department.
  • Gonzalo Garcia Auso, Director of Institutional Sales of Altamira doValue.
  • Patricia Garcia Barrios, Director of the SME segment, Altamira doValue.
  • Francis Garcia Oliva, PwC Partner – Debt Advisory and Restructuring Services
  • Jose Ramon Garcia Vicente, Lawyer Technical Cabinet of the Supreme Court, Civil Chamber.
  • Beatriz Gomez Justo, Director of Financial Advisory at Deloitte.
  • esther war, Director of Default Prevention for Companies of Banco Sabadell.
  • Cristina Jimenez Savurido, President of the Foundation Fide.
  • Alvaro Lobato Lavin, Magistrate of the Mercantile Court No. 2 of Barcelona. patron saint of Fide.
  • Yolanda Rios, Magistrate of the Mercantile Court No. 1 of Barcelona
  • Alexander Rodriguez Martinez, Head of bankruptcy area, Altamira doValue.
  • Angel Rubio Burgos, Director of the legal services of Altamira doValue
  • Serrano serrano, Director of singular projects at Banco Sabadell.
  • paul tames, Director of Growth and Business Development of Altamira.  
  • Phaedra Valencia, Partner of Cuatrecasas.
  • Inigo Villoria, Lawyer. Partner at Clifford Chance, Litigation and Arbitration Department. Head of the Bankruptcy Area.

General Information

Organized by: Foundation Fide

Collaboration: Altamira doValue (website)

Academic direction: 

  • Cristina Jimenez Savurido, President of the Foundation Fide
  • Yolanda Rios, Magistrate of the Mercantile Court No. 1 of Barcelona
  • Angel Rubio Burgos, Director of the legal services of Altamira doValue


Academic coordination:

  • Carmen Hermida, General Director of Fide.
  • Laura Martin, Academic coordinator, Fide



Martes 25 de Octubre from 8.30:17.30 a.m. to 14.00:XNUMX p.m. (Snack at XNUMX:XNUMX p.m.)

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headquarters in COAM of Fide (63 Hortaleza Street, Madrid)

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