Attraction and retention of talent, improving the attractiveness of the legal profession, employee advocacy… – Challenges Fide 23-24

"We met with Javier Mourelo, People & Culture Director at RSM Spain, who analyzes the most important points in the area of ​​general talent with an emphasis on law"

On the occasion of the beginning of the new academic year 2023-2024, and with the help of community professionals Fide, we analyze the main challenges that concern the legal, business, as well as academic and institutional world today. 

Today we meet with Javier Morelo, People & Culture Director in RSM Spain, which analyzes the most important points in the area of ​​general talent with an emphasis on advocacy and provides the following five key points to alleviate this challenge: 

What are the main challenges in the general talent area? 

In summary, the 5 key points to analyze this course are the attracting and retaining talent, increasing the attractiveness of the legal profession among younger people, taking advantage of the benefits of people & business analytics, diversity and meritocracy and employee advocacy.

  1. Talent attraction and retention

It is an already classic challenge, but one that is becoming more and more relevant in an unfavorable demographic context (decrease in the number of births, in enrollments in the Law degree and in the Master's degrees for Access to the Legal Profession) and with a job offer on the part of the offices is increasing, which causes a huge imbalance between supply and demand. 

  1. Increase in attractiveness of the legal profession among younger people

Achieve much higher satisfaction rates than current ones among lawyers in law firms. To a large extent, this challenge goes hand in hand with promoting and achieving a balance between personal and professional life and much healthier levels of mental health.  

  1. Take advantage of the benefits of people & business analytics

While the use of metrics and statistics for decision making in the People areas is not yet common in many offices, a new world is now opening up with the help of data processing and analysis and artificial intelligence. Digitizing the Talent areas in organizations will mean an enormous qualitative advantage for those who invest in it. 

  1. Diversity and meritocracy

Beyond the political and ideological noise that surrounds this issue and beyond quotas that are often harmful, Diversity – when it really occurs in an office – results in a clear improvement in satisfaction, work quality and productivity. individual and collective. Creating structures that promote diversity and meritocracy is key in the war for Talent. 

5. Employee advocacy 

In this world dominated by social networks and over-communication, the key to creating a reputable and winning brand lies with the professionals who work in it and, to do so, high levels of engagement between them and adequate levels of communication are essential. voluntary rotation. Gone are those times when communication occurred unidirectionally between the office and the candidate.

We will analyze and debate all of these challenges in open sessions of Fide. 

We continue to study the main challenges in this and many other relevant areas. You can find them all on our website. 

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