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From the beginning of the foundation we have had a firm commitment to literature, either by making works of interest available to our members, or by acting as a platform to present and promote new works.

The passion for the knowledge of the different academic and scientific disciplines, as well as for literature, cinema, and some others, have given us the opportunity to publish different books, to hold sessions and conversations about them. Here we want to share them with you

Reports of Fide

other books of Fide

Recommended reading

stories Fide

Our own series of stories from members of Fide. Every two years we publish a new edition offering a literary platform to our base.

On the border

The chronograph

I have something to tell you

A ruined house

Things to do when you leave me

The noblest function of a writer is to give testimony, as a notarial act and as a faithful chronicler, of the time that he has had to live

Other books by Fide

In this section of the Library are grouped those books that have been directed and managed since Fide, with its publication by an external agency. Here we gather books that collect valuable information from Fide, legislative proposals from Working Groups, and much more.

EU Social Law: Application by the Court of Justice

The future of work in Spain: impact of new trends

EU Social Law. Application by the Court of Justice (1st Edition)

EU Social Law. Application by the Court of Justice (2st Edition)

Practical Guide: Drafting Contracts in English

FIDE... very close

Compliance and Criminal Law

Paint Justice

Practical Guide: Drafting Contracts in English

Faced with certain books, one wonders: Who will read them? And before certain people one wonders: What will they read? And finally, books and people meet.

Recommended Reading

In this section of the Library are grouped those books that, either because of their relationship with our activities, or because they have been presented in Fide, or because of their general interest and literary contribution they have been selected by Fide for your Library.

The Cambridge Companion to the International Court of Justice

And who pays for this?

Commentary on the Accounts Audit Law 2nd Edition 2022

The bill of injustice

Stefan Zweig's Little Bookstore

Cosmopolitan ethics
A bet for sanity in times of pandemic

Practical Guide to Public Subsidies and Aid

The great dream of China. Techno-Socialism and state capitalism

Regulation of the securities market and collective investment institutions

Ungrateful Children
Keys to understanding conflicts between parents and adult children

Grace and misfortune of the Germanic Roman Empire

In the shadow

The controversial questions about space mining. Legal loopholes in the regulation of outer space

Law and literature in the novel by Miguel Delibes

The Liquidation of the Company in the Bankruptcy: Legal, Social, Accounting and Tax Issues

Criminal Guarantees

The controversial delimitation of self-employed and salaried work. TRADE and work on digital platforms

Secrets and intrigues of the press narrated by the former editor of El Mundo

The controversial delimitation of self-employed and salaried work. TRADE and work on digital platforms

The reconversion of the Port sector. The Royal Decree Laws 8/2017 and 9/2019

Administrators and Executives: D&O Liability and Insurance

The sexual is political (and legal)

Orwell World: Survival Manual for a Hyperconnected World

How to speak well in public to get what you want

The world domain, Elements of power and geopolitical keys

This is how the world is ruled: Unveiling the keys to world power

The recklessness of the injured worker and its impact on corporate responsibility

Housing for tourist use: civil, administrative and fiscal regime

Don't expect a tiger to become a vegetarian

Bankruptcy Law in Spain: Structural problems and reform proposal

The life of 100 years
Living and working in the age of longevity

Contributions on Justice and Business

Law and Social Networks (2nd Edition)

Business restructuring and social responsibility

Compliance and Criminal Law

Competition Law and regulation in the activity of public administrations

Commented Penal Code

Practical guide to the Contentious-Administrative Appeal

Reflections of a legal replicant. The legal challenges of robotics and disruptive technologies

Arbitration as a dispute resolution mechanism

The judicial approval of refinancing agreements

Commentary on Law 29/2015 on international legal cooperation in civil matters


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