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Reports of Fide

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Call closed

V Volume of Stories Fide

We are pleased to announce that we have launched a new book of stories in which members of Fide and that Almuzara will edit. After receiving the candidate stories, the jury will proceed to its evaluation and final decision.

Candidates: Any member of the Academic Council may participate. Fide or professionals from the entities of the Business Advisory Council of Fide, as well as professionals who are linked to Fide.

Zone: Story. Free theme.

Originality: The stories presented must be original and unpublished. Originals will be understood as those that have not been previously disseminated or published by any means of expression or communication.

Extension: Minimum 600 words. Maximum 2000 words.

Delivery of stories: To guarantee an adequate selection by the jury of the stories sent and presented for publication, all of them must be sent according to the attached rules and which try to guarantee the anonymity of the stories during the presentation and selection phase by the jury. .

They will be sent by email to Carmen Hermida:

  • Subject: Story for V book of Stories of Fide.
  • In the body of the email: Full name of the author and pseudonym
  • Attachment: The story in Word, indicating next to its title, only the pseudonym

Once the Word files have been processed to avoid the identification of the author of each of them, they will be sent to the members of the jury who will not know the identity of the author at any time.

Once the voting and the selection of the stories that will make up the volume have been carried out, the names of the selected ones will be published and made known to the jury and to each one of them. The jury's decision will be final and unappealable.

Term: They will be sent by mail before 23.59:15 p.m. on June 2022, XNUMX to Carmen Hermida (Fill in the Form)

Review of stories: It will be carried out by the Jury within the period between June 16 and August 31. Once the selection process is finished, the results will be communicated to each author, whether selected or not.

Presentation: The book will be presented at Fide in the third week of December 2022.

Copyright: the participating authors agree to assign their copyright to Fide.

Distribution: The book will be on sale in bookstores and in Fide.

Copies for the author: Each author of a published story will have 5 copies free of charge. Likewise, these authors will be able to acquire the copies they wish with a 40% discount with respect to the PVP.

The judge

Maribel gilsanz

Writer and plastic artist

Fernando Rodriguez Lafuente

Director of the Master of Contemporary Culture. Ortega y Gasset University Research Institute

Michelangelo Lombardy

Magistrate. Co-Director of the Literature and Law area of Fide.

Christina Table

Partner of the Industrial and Intellectual Property Department, J&A Garrigues

Manuel Pimentel

Former minister and editor. Of counsel at Baker McKenzie, Madrid.

The relats

Volume IV

A ruined house

28 stories that will reveal to the reader, in an always entertaining way, unusual and enlightening aspects of the world that surrounds us.

Año: 2020

Publisher: Almuzara

Illustrations: Javier Montesol

Volume III

I have something to tell you

31 stories that will reveal to the reader, in an always entertaining way, unusual and enlightening aspects of the world that surrounds us.

Año: 2018

Publisher: Almuzara

Illustrations: Javier Montesol

Volume II

The Chronograph

"Beat time." That's what the authors and characters who star in the texts in this volume seem to tell us, immersing us in their exciting stories ... A literary game that transcends time.

Año: 2016

Publisher: Almuzara

Illustrations: Javier Montesol

Volume I

On the border

When the writer reflects on his profession and the professional looks at himself in the mirror of writing, stories like these emerge, which coexist on the border of the unheard of.

Año: 2014

Publisher: Almuzara

Illustrations: Javier Montesol

The authors

IV Volume

Antonio Colinas, Zoé Valdés, Mario Alonso, Mario Garcés, Antonio Garrigues, Pilar Llop, Álvaro Lobato, José Manuel Otero, Pilar Alhambra, José Ramón Couso, Joaquín Echanove, Juan Manuel de Faramiñán, Laura Fernández, Javier Fernández-Lasquetty, Manuel Fresno , Maribel Gilsanz, Fernando González, Emilio Gude, Juan Antonio Lascuraín, Javier Mourelo, Alicia Muñoz, César Palacios, Ricardo J Palomo, Antonio Pamos, Ton Pedraz, Antonio Jesús Sánchez, Susana de la Sierra, Fernando Villena

III Volume

Mario Alonso Ayala, Hermenegildo Altozano, María Bacas, Cristina Calvo, Alfredo Conde, José Ramón Couso, Joaquín Echánove, Isabel Enciso, Manuel Fresno, Mario Garcés, Antonio Garrigues, Jesús Gascón, Maribel Gilsanz, Fernando González, Antonio Guerra, Gonzalo Iturmendi, Isabel Lahuerta, Álvaro Lobato, María José Menéndez, Juan Arturo Moreno, Javier Mourelo, Rafael Muñoz de la Espada, José Manuel Otero Lastres, Ricardo Palomo, Antonio Pedraz, Antonio Jesús Sánchez, Miguel Sánchez Ruiz, Lorenzo Silva, Francisco Uría, Fernando Villena , Javier Zapata

II Volume

José Manuel Otero, Dionisio Martínez, Luis Cazorla, Mario Garcés, Mario Alonso, Antonio Garrigues, Domingo Carbajo, Cristina Mesa, Álvaro Lobato, Alfredo Urdaci, Antonio Castán, Borja Martínez-Echevarría, Antonio Guerra, Juan Pujol, Javier Mourelo, Gonzalo Jiménez -Blanco, Gaspar Ariño, Julio Pascual and Vicente. 

I Volume

Mario Garcés, Domingo Carbajo, Luis María Cazorla Prieto, Mario Alonso Ayala, Antonio Garrigues, Álvaro Lobato, Dionisio Martínez, Borja Martínez-Echevarría, José Manuel Otero Lastres, Antonio Guerra, Javier Mourelo, Alfredo Urdaci, José Ramón Couso, Emilio Gude, Antonio Jesús Sánchez, Gonzalo Iturmendi, Javier Zapata, Julio Acinas, Maribel Gilsanz, Rafael Muñoz de la Espada, Antonio Pedraz, Carmen Sánchez and Yaiza Martínez. The stories are prefaced by Gonzalo Jiménez-Blanco and illustrated by Javier Montesol. 

The illustrator

Javier Montesol

The visual and the vital occupy an equally central place in the life of Javier Ballester, Montesol (Barcelona 1952), to the point of merging. His desire to understand his surroundings crystallizes in his painting. But what is it that surrounds Montesol? What do you want to capture in your work? Like so many in the contemporary era, Montesol has had a transhumant experience: he has had several lives largely linked to the experience of different places. In their case, the issue has gone beyond adapting successively to more or less differentiated local languages ​​or traditions. The different "lives" of Montesol, as manifested by his artistic production, have been determined by the historical, cultural or social circumstances that have framed the cities in which he has distributed his existence.


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