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A House in Ruins

Fide stories. Volume 4.
Publisher: Almuzara

A plurality of authors, a diversity of styles, and the very diverse approach that the 28 stories carry out on a wide range of topics indicates that the stories respond to experiences, narratives, feelings or emotions that more than transcend the moment we are living.

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In a world where noise and stress are out of respect taking over everything, there is hardly any space to listen to ourselves. And yet nothing is more urgent today. The trees do not let us see the forest. But the forest is there ...

The authors of the stories that make up this volume are aware of this and, from very different perspectives and perspectives, contribute with their stories to broaden our perception of the world around us. Using as a tool a literary genre that connects perfectly with our current requirements, they address issues as peremptory as the dilapidated wealth of beauty that our rural Spain encloses, the so-called emptied Spain (a wonderful parable that the teacher Antonio Colinas gives us in the story that gives title to this volume, A ruined house); they reel off the desire for freedom of the Cuban exiles, glossed with the vigorous pen full of sincerity of Zoé Valdés ("Escorial"); they speak to us of memory in the Borgian way, as in "Letter of love and forgetfulness", by Mario Garcés; In short, they bring the reader closer to a host of situations that reveal the most remote keys to the reality that surrounds us to illuminate it with a new and radiant light.

The valuable list of authors already established in this collection is thus expanded, such as Mario Alonso, Antonio Garrigues, Pilar Llop, Alvaro Lobato and José Manuel Otero Lastres. With a foreword by Cristina Jiménez, this fourth compilation of FIDE stories (after the previous The chronograph, On the border y I have something to tell you) combines sagacity and wit in an essential reading, for all kinds of audiences.

Authors and their Stories

  • Foreword. Cristina Jiménez Savurido
  • Antonio Colinas. A ruined house
  • Zoé Valdes. Dump
  • Mario Alonso. Round trip
  • Mario Garcés. Love letter and forgetfulness
  • Antonio Garrigues. We will die again
  • Pilar Llop. Stone bridge
  • Álvaro Lobato. Those times, those people
  • José Manuel Otero. University experiences of three friends
  • Pilar Alhambra. The rise
  • José Ramón Couso. Time in the light
  • Joaquin Echanove. Close the door behind you
  • Juan Manuel de Faramiñán. The strange experiences of Hermagedón González
  • Laura Fernandez. Water (vera)
  • Javier Fernández-Lasquetty. León
  • Manuel Fresno. Memories from San Sebastián
  • Maribel Gilsanz. Transgression
  • Fernando González. First Date
  • Emilio Gude. It was a San Lorenzo morning
  • Juan Antonio Lascuraín. Taxi 38
  • Javier Mourelo. 207 meters
  • Alicia Muñoz. Journey of the Universe Influence to the planet of the apes
  • Cesar Palacios. Bars
  • Ricardo J Palomo. A Saturday for a story
  • Antonio Pamos. Moments so necessary
  • Ton Pedraz. Dawns on Cabindas
  • Antonio Jesús Sánchez. Werner Herzog and Klaus Kinkski in the amazon rainforest
  • Susana de la Sierra. The red suitcase
  • Fernando Villena. Was always there
  • Javier Montesol. The illustrator


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