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The Blog of Fide in the withfidencial is a platform where every Thursday we publish analysis and opinion articles on highly relevant topics.


Online content sharing platforms and intellectual property rights

Services like YouTube, TikTok or Twitch are fed by the content uploaded by their users. Traditionally, they were attributed a role of mere intermediaries who were not responsible for what their users uploaded, unless they came to have real knowledge of a specific infraction and did not react to neutralize it.

The situation has changed with Directive 2019/790.

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Data Driven Economy

As a society, we feel particularly concerned about the use of personal data. The future treatment of these is more sophisticated than the scenario that privacy experts have traditionally been managing.

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The procedural requirement in ALMEP

The success of the Draft Law on Procedural Efficiency Measures of the Public Justice Service in relation to the procedural requirement is that it seeks to provoke a necessary change of mentality and method in legal operators

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The Limits of Efficiency in a Law Firm

Lawyer billing is a calculation performed to measure the productivity of a law firm, measuring how much a firm has billed and how many lawyers have contributed to generating that billing.

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