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The Fide Blog at El Confidencial is a platform where every Thursday we publish articles of analysis and opinion on topics of maximum relevance.


The procedural requirement in ALMEP

The success of the Draft Law on Procedural Efficiency Measures of the Public Justice Service in relation to the procedural requirement is that it seeks to provoke a necessary change of mentality and method in legal operators

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The Limits of Efficiency in a Law Firm

Lawyer billing is a calculation performed to measure the productivity of a law firm, measuring how much a firm has billed and how many lawyers have contributed to generating that billing.

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From aesthetic fulfillment to authentic commitment

Going from a formal to a real compliance by managers and collaborators continues to be the great pending issue. Even in companies that were pioneers in implementing compliance programs for operating in regulated sectors or later as a consequence of the birth of criminal liability of legal persons.

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Crime and auditing

For some time now, unlike years ago, there has been the recurrent indictment of auditors in the large processes of economic criminal law

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Internet ... safe?

The Microsoft Online Citizenship Index has concluded that Spain is the world leader in deception, scams and fraud 'online'

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Brexit and Competition Law: a step back

What the ACC demonstrates is an effort to try to ensure that the rupture affects as little as possible a system of protection of free competition, control of concentrations and public aid

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Traitors to their class

To avoid another setback, we need the traitors to their class to appear, emerged from the vitality of a people, more cultured, more international and less self-conscious than ever.

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The Haltmann effect

In all areas of activity, Spanish society is far above, whatever the parameter we use to measure it, of the political class that represents and governs it.

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Turkey on target

The Erdogan government, aware of Turkey's geostrategic situation, has tightened the rope on more than one occasion to exert pressure on its European neighbors

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A bet on data.

Even the humblest SME must face digitization as a necessity to automate processes, increase efficiency, reduce costs and move the business to virtual

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