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Through this blog I will propose you readings. But with the faith of the relict. And since sometimes we will not be able to read, because time is pressing, I will present the plot to you or, where appropriate, I will highlight a short fragment so that we can meditate on it. And the day that some deluded like me thinks that the stove of free thought should not yet be extinguished and that it is worthy of being considered in the analysis of our problems, both before a Court of Justice, as in a negotiation or as in a process decision-making, and I find someone on the other side of the table also thinking about how a character would act or how he can transfer the development or outcome of a plot to that situation, I will think that all is not lost.


Literature, Law and Power

I'm going to reveal a secret. For many years I have had to face, like all of you who participate in this blog, complex situations where

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Mario Garces Sanagustin

Auditor and Auditor of the State. State Treasury Inspector. He has been a professor of Tax System at the University of the Balearic Islands and a professor of Administrative Law at the Carlos III University of Madrid. He has also been President of the Association of State Comptrollers and Auditors and Vice President of FEDECA. Advisor to the President of the Government (2000-2004). Minister of Finance and Public Administrations of the Government of Aragon (2011). Undersecretary of the Ministry of Public Works (2012-2016). Director of Administration of different companies and public entities (SEPI, RENFE). Author of more than seventy books and publications on Administrative and Financial Law. Author also of works of political theory. In 2013 he published his first book of literature "Relatos desde el airplane" (Mira Editions). Participate in the collective work of FIDE "On the border" (Editorial Almuzara, 2014). He has recently published his latest book «Extraordinary episodes in the history of Spain» for Ediciones B.


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