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El blog Metamorphosis of the foundation FIDE, coordinated by Javier F. Samaniego, focuses on the analysis of legal issues related to innovation and disruptive technologies. The blog articles cover a variety of topics related to innovation and regulation, cybersecurity, digital transformation, alternative dispute resolution methods, law firm management, etc., as well as current reading recommendations. Authors are encouraged to write and comment. The concept of “metamorphosis” as a process of gradual transformation from an immature to an adult or completely different form is embedded in the philosophy of this blog that is committed to a positive change in the way we work and understand life.


Cibervacunando 5G

As 5G is one of the fundamental pillars to accelerate the digital transformation, it is crucial that the future Spanish law on 5G cybersecurity focuses on purely technical measures that reinforce security in the operation of 5G networks and leaves geopolitical issues and commercial policy to the foreign and commercial policy instruments available to the Government.

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Clinical psychologist Jordan B. Peterson has been in the eye of the hurricane for the last few years since he stepped forward and refused

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The coming digital Europe

Without having to read much between the lines, the ambitious strategy shows the frustration at the marginal role that Europe plays on a game board that has dominated Silicon Valley for decades and now also Shenzhen.

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Christmas blues

“I believe that by far the most important law in our entire code is that of the dissemination of knowledge among the people. It can not

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Robot Law

Automata, ingenious mechanisms, have fascinated us since ancient times and opened the way to other mechanical creatures, such as robots, and later to ingenuities.

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It's digital, stupid.

I wanted to use the digital version of the famous phrase used by Bill Clinton in his successful campaign in the American presidential elections of 1992 against

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Ego sum qui sum

You may know who you are, but how do I know that you really are who you say you are? How, in other words, can

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Uber stories

"The greatest misfortune of today's youth is no longer belonging to it" Salvador Dalí Centers of excellence - such as Harvard Law School - have a magnetism

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

 Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Adoration of the Magi. AC. 1475 SAMANIEGO Law is commemorating the 500th anniversary of Hieronymus Bosch's death Javier Fernández-Samaniego

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Reflections of a legal replicant.

The veteran lawyer of the Legal Department of Telefónica Alejandro Sánchez del Campo is really a "legal replicant" who has been on board for the last three years

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Javier Fernández-Samaniego

Managing Partner of Samaniego Law. Lawyer and specialist in contractual and litigation advice for providers and clients of Information Technology. He was one of the pioneer lawyers in Spain in advising on the protection of personal data. He advises national and multinational companies on outsourcing contracts, new business models based on disruptive technologies and on the prevention and resolution of conflicts involving complex technological issues. He has close ties in the United States and Latin America. He is an arbitrator of the specialized ICT section of the Court of the Madrid Chamber of Commerce and an associate of the Spanish Arbitration Club. He is a CPR-accredited mediator in London and sits on CPR's Panel of Distinguished “Neutrals” in New York. He opened Bird & Bird's Madrid office in 2005 and previously collaborated professionally with Linklaters and Cuatrecasas. He began his career as a lawyer at the public entity CDTI (Center for Industrial Technological Development). Member of the Academic Council of FIDE. Senior Fellow at the Steven J Green School of International and Public Affairs (FIU – Florida International University).


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