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IP and Videogames – GDE 18 Report

We're happy to publish the recording and report from the 18th Global Digital Encounters on IP and Videogames, which took place on January 18th, 2022

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Why have some UK intellectuals welcomed Brexit?

Some see Brexit as a victory for populists who misled the working classes and the less well-off in society into voting against their own interests. But that is a partisan analysis. It would be wrong to conclude that there were no rational arguments to be made for Brexit. Here Derrick analyzes some of them.

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Brexit: European, and worldwide IP

We publish the video of the 9th edition of the #GlobalDigitalEncounters on Brexit: European, and worldwide IP, with Prof. Alison FIRTH, Prof. Craig NARD, Prof. Alain STROWEL, and moderator Prof. Gabriele GAGLIANI.

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