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Intellectual property strategies in the Metaverse

IP rights lie at the core of the metaverse, as it has been for the video games industry, enabling companies to design and develop realistic and immersive user experiences. However, it is yet to be seen whether intellectual property is ready for the metaverse or if it is going to be one of the major obstacles for companies and users.

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President Macron's Political Community could become Europe's “United Nations” or just a distraction – the UK should be making sure it works

Emmanuel Macron's proposal for a forum of European nations to bring together the EU, future Members of the EU, and the UK, has taken on new significance since Putin invaded Ukraine. A key meeting is planned for early October this year. The UK has a lot to offer and perhaps a lot to gain. But success is not guaranteed, and Macron's plan could be a distraction from existing channels of political and security collaboration.

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IP and Videogames – GDE 18 Report

We're happy to publish the recording and report from the 18th Global Digital Encounters on IP and Videogames, which took place on January 18th, 2022

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Why have some UK intellectuals welcomed Brexit?

Some see Brexit as a victory for populists who misled the working classes and the less well-off in society into voting against their own interests. But that is a partisan analysis. It would be wrong to conclude that there were no rational arguments to be made for Brexit. Here Derrick analyzes some of them.

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