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Changes in the Law Regulating Social Jurisdiction

It was an enlightening session that explained the new regulation of the exercise of conciliation rights and its relationship with the current problem of the increase in the volume of litigation in the social jurisdiction.

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Approach to groups of companies, their different typology and their main legal and organizational challenges

We address, from a practical perspective, both organizational and legal aspects related to group structures, their classification, their challenges and opportunities, the importance of group culture, its formation through M&A operations, its redefinition through structural modifications, the relationships with partners and the dynamics of the people who work for them.

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Presentation of the proposal document for the improvement of the Bankruptcy Administration Statute: A boost towards the efficiency and professionalization of the bankruptcy system 

The group makes six proposals related to the duties of the Bankruptcy Administration, with the determination of types of bankruptcy, with the system of conformation of the lists of professionals, with the appointment system, with the remuneration and with the responsibility of the Bankruptcy Administration .  

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International insolvencies, challenges for the positioning of Spain as a bankruptcy jurisdiction

The cycle, which takes place in three sessions between Barcelona and Madrid, aims to exhaustively analyze the major changes that have been introduced in our regulations on international insolvency, assess their legal and economic relevance, try to resolve the interpretative doubts that they can consider and weigh up their incidence with a view to reinforcing Spain's position as a first-rate "bankruptcy jurisdiction".

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