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The anachronism: childhood disease of history

The story is full of gaps, where there is no specific and clear script that projects it. Judging the events of the past with the present mentality is an evil that afflicts the historian's profession and, in general, current society.

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IP Enforcement and Cybersecurity – GDE 23 report

Speakers from Europe, Israel, and WIPO (Australia/UK and Switzerland) provided a worldwide picture of the future of IP and Cybersecurity, including re-imagining IP in this area in favor of both fair business and consumers/society

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News regarding payments to contractors and subcontractors – Summary

The objective of the session was to debate and analyze the regulatory changes produced in the Public Sector Contracts Law after the approval of Law 18/2022, assuming the contracting body a proactive position of control of compliance with the payment terms of contractors to their subcontractors and suppliers, and imposition of penalties

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Transformation and innovation in legal consultancies

Innovation – without entering into discussions about the correct definition – is really that, a new way of facing challenges, which must be correctly identified previously, both from the internal or operational dimension, as well as from the business itself and the needs of the company. customer.

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Intellectual property strategies in the Metaverse

IP rights lie at the core of the metaverse, as it has been for the video games industry, enabling companies to design and develop realistic and immersive user experiences. However, it is yet to be seen whether intellectual property is ready for the metaverse or if it is going to be one of the major obstacles for companies and users.

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