New season!

COLLOQUIA returns in 2023 with a new format of interviews, and podcasts focused on expanding the knowledge of our team and our audience.

Podcast S2E08 - Approach to Smart Regulation and its advantages

44:51 mins

We met with Juan Espinosa and Carlos Hernández, founding partners of Silverback Advocacy.

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Podcast S2E07 - Regulating teleworking

20:08 mins

We met with Roman Gil Albuquerque, partner of Sagardoy Lawyers, and Cecilia Pérez Martínez, partner of the labor department of Garrigues.

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Podcast S2E06 - Artificial Intelligence makes its way into the legal workplace

20:08 mins

We meet with with Francisco de Borja Escalona Archer, Head of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science at Datafreak, Orange.

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S2E5: The path towards the sustainability of the pension system

41:46 mins

We met with Eva Mª Blázquez and Tomás Arrieta to talk about the future of the Spanish pension system.

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S2E4: And This, Who Pays It?: Economy for Adults

19:18 mins

We met with Francisco de la Torre to talk about the hidden consequences of economic crises.

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S2E3: The Dark Side of Solidarity: The Business of Exoneration of Dissatisfied Liabilities

19:18 mins

We met with Álvaro Lobato to talk about the business generated around EPI

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T2E2: Georegulation: Is Europe Leading the Way Against China and the US?

42:26 mins

We met with Jorge Padilla (Compass Lexecon) and Ricard Martínez (UV) to talk about the use of regulation as a geostrategy tool.

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S2E1: Ethical Leadership: Ploy or Necessity?

32:29 mins

In our most recent podcast, Sofía Unda (ESIC) and Gonzalo Iturmendi (G. Iturmendi Asociados) talk about ethical leadership and its value for organizations in the current context.

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Our Previous Podcasts

'Fit for 55': where Europe is taking us - COLLOQUIA Ep. fifteen

Carlos de Miguel Perales

Lawyer. Professor at the Faculty of Law at Comillas-Icade University. Co-director of the Working Group 'Climate emergency and water management' of Fide

Everything flows; and more, Labor Law - COLLOQUIA Ep. 14

Roman Gil Albuquerque

Partner of Sagardoy Abogados and Doctor in Law

From aesthetic fulfillment to authentic commitment - COLLOQUIA Ep 13

Patricia Carter Saez

Senior Advisor at Corporate Integrity & Compliance. LLORENTE AND CUENCA (LLYC)

The Draft Law against Tax Fraud: missed opportunities - COLLOQUIA Ep 12

Anthony Bridges Moreno

Partner of the Tax area of ​​BDO.

Governance with a capital "G": Incorporating Sustainability into the Board - COLLOQUIA Ep 11

German Granda

General Director of Forética and Member of the Academic Council of Fide.

Big Techs, Cryptocurrencies and Regulation - COLLOQUIA Ep 10

Henry Titos

Independent Director. Member of the Academic Council of Fide. Director of Digital Money Group and Payment Systems de Fide.

Water, a guarantee of the future for people and the planet - COLLOQUIA Ep 9

Federico Ramos de Armas

Managing Director Suez Madrid


Practical advice for in-house lawyers: client trust as an essential value - COLLOQUIA Ep 8

Ana Buitrago Montoro

Legal Director & Associate General Counsel, Amazon

Financial Economic Analysis of the Year COVID-19 - COLLOQUIA Ep 7

Juan Ramón Caridad and Enrique Castellanos

Narcissism and the end of the world. Comment on our company - QUICKCast nº 1

Xavier Zapata, Secretary General of Spanish Issuers. Founding Partner True Governance

The emergence of populisms and illiberal democracy - COLLOQUIA Ep 6

Juan Manuel de Faramiñan, Professor of Public International Law and International Relations at the University of Jaén

The Haltmann effect: the irrecoverable mediocrity of the political elite - COLLOQUIA Ep 5

Alvaro Lobato, Trustee of the Foundation Fide. Magistrate on leave of absence and lawyer.

The political implications of the Brexit trade agreement - COLLOQUIA Ep 4

Derrick Wyatt QC, Emeritus Professor of Law, Oxford University, Member of the International Academic Council of Fide.

The economics of the Brexit trade agreement - COLLOQUIA Ep 3

Derrick Wyatt QC, Emeritus Professor of Law, Oxford University, Member of the International Academic Council of Fide.

European Data Protection Day: the challenge of using information about patients in research - COLLOQUIA Ep 2

Ricard Martinez, Director of the Chair of Privacy and Digital Transformation Microsoft/Universitat de Valencia. Member of the Academic Council of Fide and co-director of its Data Protection Forum

Traitors to his class - COLLOQUIA Ep 1

Jorge Padilla, Senior Managing Director of Compass Lexecon in Europe and member of the Academic Council of Fide.

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