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International Court of Justice and Human Rights

"We are pleased to share this interesting podcast in which Edgardo Sobenes talks with Prof. Carlos Espósito about the ICJ and Human Rights"

We are pleased to share this interesting podcast de Let's talk about International Law in which Edgardo Sobenes (Adv. LL.M., Msc), international lawyer with extensive experience in international litigation before the International Court of Justice talks with Prof. Carlos Esposito, Professor of Public International Law at the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM), Academic Advisor of Fide, about the International Court of Justice and Human Rights.

Through the episode, Carlos Espósito clarifies the difference between the ICJ and the courts specialized in human rights; he addresses the general and most common characteristics of arbitration clauses contained in human rights treaties; he clarifies the ICJ's position in interpreting human rights treaties and how the traditional notion of jurisdiction, along with other jurisdictional limitations, may affect access to international justice in cases of human rights violations.

Subsequently, it develops the jurisprudence of the ICJ; focusing on the Diallo case, the Genocide cases and the Armed Activities case. Reflect on the power of the Court to issue Advisory Opinions, and their impact on the development and protection of human rights. Tell us about the rules erga omnes, article 48 of the Text of Articles on State Responsibility for Internationally Wrongful Acts, the value of the Opinions or Declarations of the ICJ judges in the development of international law, and much more. 

Let's talk about International Law (HDI) is a legal podcast on topics of international law and politics, which offers you digital education tools with first-rate content.

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