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"Although the accession process takes years to meet the criteria, the EU must give that hope to Ukrainians and to all Europeans"

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published in paper and in digital The 23 of June.

The trend is necessary to push words, concepts, ideas, policies and politics. Creating a trend is an action inherent to weaving dreams and the work that goes with it to make them come true.

In the continuous observation of politics to carry out an analysis with the ability to glimpse what is to come, identifying the vectors is essential.

Even more powerful than observing trends is creating them. Let me link the reason for this column to different current issues. The European Council is debating this week on Ukraine's application for EU membership and issues stemming from the war, such as energy and gas supplies. Also at the summit, the Heads of State and Government will discuss the results of the Conference on the future of Europe, the reform of treaties and the possibility of convening a new European Convention. This would be the third after the one that drew up the Charter of Fundamental Rights and the one that wrote the Draft European Constitution (a large part of its content is poured into our current Treaty, the Treaty of Lisbon). In my opinion, the most important thing is to have recovered in the Conference the debate on issues with political significance such as the reform of the Treaties on key issues for the process of European integration immersed in the world of geopolitics. To have put on the table again the word Convention together with the word constitutional. Having voted in the European Parliament for its call and pressing the yes button. I believe that the mission has been accomplished and that, with this green light from our MEPs, representative democracy complemented by participatory democracy has once again advanced. I also want to emphasize that the words Convention and Constitution once again create a European trend, which are here.

Regarding Ukraine as an EU Member State, we all know that the accession process takes years, sometimes more than ten, to meet the accession criteria and tests; with the parameters of values, economy, rights. The European Union must give this hope to the Ukrainians, must raise their desire to be European to the highest. To this relevant fact combined with European values, we can also put the name of creating a trend. In other words, although Ukraine cannot be a member until it carries out reforms fundamentally in compliance with the rule of law, the fight against corruption and the limitation of the power of the oligarchs, the granting of candidate status opens a trend linked in this caso to the hope that we owe to the Ukrainians. To Ukraine. To us as Europeans.

The elections in Andalusia have also created a political trend; in this caso, Andalusian, Spanish and European. The focus is found in the words that each candidate, each party and each Andalusian has transmitted with their vote. Also in the way of making politics of each representative and their way of addressing, and respecting, or not, the citizens. The trend points like a compass to where a party, an Autonomous Community, a country wants to go and is going. If we look at the Andalusian elections, the compass points to a place that is not North, South, East or West. Surely the compass points to all the cardinal points at the same time and, therefore, indicates the place of meeting and reunion that is the center.

I believe that the difficult time that Spain, the European Union and the world are going through is making way for important issues in the labyrinth and indicating to the parties that citizens are asking for stability, seriousness, coherence, transparency, management, responsibility, representation . Citizens want a measured trend that provides balance and entails a tangible, useful policy.

I firmly believe that the European Union is capable of creating trends that make it more EU. If we seek in politics the order, the reference and the referent of the institutions; If we have our Constitution and the European constitutional model as a guide, we will be able to revive concepts that entail driving actions that in themselves regenerate democratic life and that, when their time comes, will become a reality.

Forging constitutional consensus entails continuously redefining a sustained and sustainable, orderly, capable policy. Politics should not be effervescent. I like that politics throbs because that means it is alive; that it has effervescence in moments and instants, but the policy that we need is the one that will come from creating a stable tendency of the center. Constitutional Policy is the vault key, the central voussoir where the true constructive policy is based.

Susana del Rio

European Union expert. Director of Working Group Convention for the Future of Europe. Academic Advisor of Fide.

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