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From Fide We are strongly committed to the academic development of our members, and for this reason we try to offer a series of relevant courses and workshops with updated content, in an accessible format.

The plurality of legal, economic or technological matters that are necessary for the development of our professional activity, as well as the evolution of the skills that are necessary to adapt to a changing environment, are also the object of our attention in programs of different duration and structure.


With a more extensive format, our courses seek to offer complete and advanced training in different subjects relevant to the world of Law.



Legal Management Summer Program

EL LMSP offers a unique and different space for learning, reflection and networking to professionals from Spain and Latam who want to make a professional difference within the global market.

Legal practice is evolving as a result of very powerful actors such as the transformation of legal consultancies, the entry into the market of new competitors, the technology applied to the provision of legal services and artificial intelligence and big data applied in the solution of legal issues. More and more expressions have entered the legal language such as new law, disruptive business models, continuous improvement, efficiency, best delivery, projects and processes with the possibility of automation and standardization, legal services platforms, legal tech, accelerators, legal marketing, branding, social networks, advertising of services, to name only the main ones.

How will these concepts be integrated into legal practice? How to choose between different technological solutions? How to manage projects? How to change your own business model? How to remain relevant players in the market?


Modular Program in Science and Law

Developed in collaboration with:

Among the various meanings of the term Science, is the one that defines it as a set of knowledge obtained through observation and reasoning, systematically structured and from which general principles and laws are deduced, with predictive capacity and experimentally verifiable. The Right It can be defined as the set of principles and norms, expressive of an idea of ​​justice and order, that regulate human relations in every society and whose observance can be coercively imposed. Both concepts are united in the title and in the content of this Modular Program in Science and Law, which offers through its sixteen modules, four different degrees, three Specialization Diplomas of 30 credits each in Law and new technologies. as Intellectual property, patents and data protection and in Security and cybersecurity and a Master's Degree, of 60 credits, in Science and Law.

Continuous technological advances and the generation of knowledge transform societies and companies and pose a challenge for society and for governments, which are obliged to ensure that this new knowledge is properly applied and contributes to the progress of a sustainable society that supports the technological and scientific development in general, while respecting the fundamental rights of people and the principles of democratic coexistence. Each new scientific knowledge must have a legal response in accordance with these rights and principles. These advances are key to the competitiveness of the country, its companies, and society.

It is time to build the way for the Law to be placed next to science and technology because only in this way will it be able to respond to the challenges that the avalanche of new scientific and technological knowledge is generating in the societies of this Third Millennium.



Dec 15, 2022 - Jun 15, 2023

Mediation Training


Mediation in Practice. Fundamental Skills Training

This 6-day course focuses on what CEDR does best: highly trained instructors who are also experienced mediators, helping course participants learn and apply the process and skills of mediation. The 6 days of the CEDR course involve hands-on exercises and role-plays in simulations of casos practical, where all participants will have the opportunity to be the mediator and receive training or 'coaching' and structured feedback from experienced mediators.


By offering participants a broad perspective on conflict management, the program specifically focuses on the mediation process and required skills. It includes:

  • a review of dispute resolution methods
  • a comparison of negotiation, arbitration and mediation
  • instruction and practice in mediation skills including the structure and phases of mediation and the necessary communication skills
  • assessment of participants' mediation skills


Training program in mediation in collaboration with the College of Notaries of Catalonia

A 50-hour course organized by Fide and the Fundació Mediació Notarial del Col·legi de Notaris de Catalunya (Notary College of Catalonia) run by renowned professionals from the world of mediation.

The course seeks to improve general mediation skills through the exchange of experiences between the professionals who attend. To achieve this, it makes use of a format that skilfully combines theory with role-play in order to develop and apply the new knowledge obtained “live”.


With smaller programs aimed at meeting training needs quickly and efficiently, our workshops are aimed at people who seek to keep up-to-date and explore new areas of knowledge.

Bankruptcy update workshop

This Insolvency Update Workshop, which aims to be a starting point for the analysis and reflection of the novelties introduced by two regulations of great relevance due to the impact they have in the sphere of business insolvency. This is Royal Legislative Decree 1/2020, of May 5, which approves the revised text of the Bankruptcy Law, and Royal Decree-Law 16/2020, of April 28, of procedural and organizational measures, for face the Covid-19 crisis in the field of the Administration of Justice.

Added to the health crisis generated by Covid-19 is the enactment of the New Bankruptcy Law, generating an uncertain scenario of regulatory change derived from both the urgency in the implementation of shock measures to lighten ongoing procedures and facilitate processing. of the supposed avalanche of bankruptcies that is sensed in the Commercial Courts, as well as the legislative need to recast normative aspects of the Bankruptcy Law of 2003. This will require a rigorous study and interpretation work from all the professionals involved in the procedure bankruptcy.

Academic Director:

 Yolanda Rios Lopez, Magistrate of the Mercantile Court nº 1 of Barcelona.


 Rafael Fernandez Morlanes, Prosecutor, assigned to the Barcelona Provincial Prosecutor's Office. Member of the Academic Council of Fide

The sessions of the Insolvency Update Workshop are designed to deepen, from an eminently practical perspective, in the four key areas of the bankruptcy process, such as the agreement, settlement, refinancing agreements, and the regime of the second opportunity of natural persons.

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Drafting workshop on extraordinary civil appeals

Cassation and extraordinary for procedural infringement

Next Edition: November 2022

After the success of previous editions, we are pleased to inform you about this new updated edition that we celebrate in Fide.


  • Carlos Sánchez Martín, Magistrate. Lawyer of the Cabinet of the Supreme Court. Civil Area.
  • David Vazquez Garcia, Lawyer of the Administration of Justice and Lawyer of the Technical Cabinet of the Supreme Court (Civil Area).

This workshop aims to publicize the criteria for admission of extraordinary civil remedies (cassation and extraordinary for procedural infringement), with the aim that the participants acquire a An effective tool that allows them to face the always difficult task of raising extraordinary resources with the possibility of success.

Thus, from the hand of two magistrates specializing in civil order With a long experience in the study of these extraordinary resources, we will work with the participants in the proper wording of them. The participants will work the casos practices proposed in advance of the development of the workshop, to discuss them during the sessions of the same.

The workshop will last for four afternoons (November 14, 15 and 21,22, 2022, 15.00) from 17.00:63 p.m. to XNUMX:XNUMX p.m., in person (COAM, C/ Horlateza XNUMX, Madrid).

El price of this workshop is €760, including documentation. The members of the Academic Council and the Business Advisory Council of FideThey have a 50% discount. Limited places.

Methodology: The dynamics of holding the session will respect the usual system of Fide and the participation and interaction of the speakers and attendees as well, exclusively making the changes required by its online celebration. All the sessions that we develop in Fide Convened under the Chatham House Rule, participants have the right to use the information they receive, but the identity or affiliation of any other participant may not be revealed.

Schedules: The session will take place 15: 00 17 to: 00 hours, in face-to-face format (COAM Headquarters C / Hortaleza 63, Madrid).

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Next Open Edition

November 14, 15 and 21,22, 2022, 15.00, from 17.00:XNUMX p.m. to XNUMX:XNUMX p.m.
Face-to-face workshop: Drafting of extraordinary civil resources (cassation and extraordinary for procedural infraction) November 2022
(November 14, 15 and 21,22, 2022, 15.00) from 17.00:XNUMX p.m. to XNUMX:XNUMX p.m.

Workshop Drafting of the Contentious-Administrative Appeal

Next edition (May 2022)

The workshop on the contentious-administrative appeal, given by two specialized magistrates in the contentious-administrative order -Juan Pedro Quintana and Ramón Castillo-, with extensive experience in the study of cassation appeals, has the objective of providing its assistants with the necessary knowledge to identify and comply with the numerous formal requirements that characterize procedural documents (preparation of the appeal, opposition to the admission of the appeal, filing of the appeal , opposition to the appeal and request for provisional execution), distinguishing between those based on the judicial body to which they are addressed and the assumption of "objective appeal interest" that is invoked in each caso.

Likewise, the examination of the different assumptions of objective appeal that the new regulation enunciates will be addressed, showing the keys that allow to unravel its meaning and enable its justification.

Undoubtedly, both the non-compliance with those formal requirements and the absence of justification of the “objective appeal interest” will lead to the inadmissibility of the appeal, so the need to study this new appeal in depth from an eminently practical perspective is evident.

More than five years after the entry into force of this new regulation, the Admission Section of the Contentious-Administrative Chamber of the Supreme Court has set criteria on various issues pertaining to such requirements and has delimited the objective appeal for the practice. all the assumptions, which will be studied in the workshop.

The examination of these criteria has made it possible to verify the evolutionary nature of the indeterminate legal concept "objective cassational interest", whose contours have been gradually and dynamically established, so that the study of said evolution is of considerable interest to comply with the requirement of its justification in the writing of preparation of the resource.

In addition, judgments have already fallen forming jurisprudence in accordance with this new appeal that are also interesting from the perspective of their link to the order of admission of the appeal.

These issues will be addressed in the four sessions of the workshop from an eminently practical perspective, through the examination of casos concrete and the writing of writings of preparation and interposition of resources, that will allow to deepen in its study.

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Next Open Edition

May 23,25, 30 and 2022, 1 and June 2022, 15.00, from 17.00:XNUMX p.m. to XNUMX:XNUMX p.m.
Face-to-face workshop: Drafting of extraordinary civil resources (cassation and extraordinary for procedural infraction) May 2022
(May 23,25,30, 2022, 1, 2022 and June 15.00, 17.00) from 63:XNUMX p.m. to XNUMX:XNUMX p.m., in person (COAM, C/ Horlateza XNUMX, Madrid).


Technological workshops

Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Workshop (4 hours)
Social Media Management Workshop (4 hours)
Digital Tools Workshop to increase productivity (4 hours)
Digital Transformation Workshop (8 hours)

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Business organizations, professional firms and public administration are immersed in a process of technological innovation to which, at times, the professionals who provide our services in them, find it difficult to adapt.

The knowledge of the technological transformation of the new business models that arose as a consequence of it or of its legal implications will be developed in an area different from the strictly personal one of each professional.

All this together with the new forms of service provision that today are demanded of each one of us, is producing an accelerated outdated in the necessary knowledge and management of technology to provide our advice effectively, quickly and safely.

For all this we have designed a series of workshops aimed at professionals with high professional qualificationsl in his own area of ​​expertise but that You do not understand in sufficient depth the technology you use in your communications, in the preparation of writings, presentations or reports, on social networks in which he participates or in which more and more frequent non-contact relationships with his office, colleagues or clients.

Many have training programs in their respective organizations that make up for these deficiencies, but many others do not. Either because they are independent professionals, or because the specialty of their work within their organization does not allow the training to be personalized to their profile, or because there are parallel aspects to the professional that are not covered in said training programs.

The speed at which the technology that we use daily advances is far greater than the capacity to apprehend it and with each passing day it is more difficult.

Just blocking a gap in our schedule, attending a well-designed workshop, in a small group of experienced but very practical colleagues and teachers, we will be able to learn basic questions to optimize our time to the maximum.

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