My Digital Avatar Club Fide begins its activity

"A forum for Training, Reflection and Action for fathers and mothers who want to be true role models for their children in the framework of the digital society"

It is a pleasure for us to announce the launch of the Club My Digital Avatar, a space dedicated to training, reflection and action for fathers and mothers who want to be authentic leaders for their children in digital society figure.


What is the My Digital Avatar Club?

The My Digital Avatar Club is a debate and training forum designed specifically for parents, which seeks to provide its members with the knowledge and skills necessary to accompany their families in a positive, safe and responsible use of environments and digital services.

We live in an increasingly digitalized world, and it is essential to be equipped to navigate it with confidence and wisdom.

How It Works

CMAD activities consist of debate sessions, training workshops and networking events in which our members will have the opportunity to meet and chat with experts in legal, technological and educational matters on various topics that are of concern to many parents today.

The Club is structured in three areas:

  1. Educative area: essential contents, reflections and resources for the education of new generations from the family environment.
  2. Technological Area: analysis and practical vision of the new technologies that govern the digital environment of our minors.
  3. Legal Area: a vision of the main legal regulations that affect the use of digital devices by our children.

To attend these activities it is essential to be a member of the club.

Themes of interest

At CMAD, we are concerned with a wide range of issues related to children, adolescents and technology. We want to encourage discussion and action around the impact of the digital world on crucial aspects of our children's lives., such as their health, their relationships, their perception of the world, their free time, their development, their learning, their identity and their future.

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Prestige Collaborators

The CMAD is an initiative of the Foundation Fide, which has the support from entities committed to Social Impact. We are proud to have the support of Pictet Asset Management, Tikehau Capital, Janus Henderson and GAM Investments. Thanks to your support, we are able to offer an exceptional set of resources and experiences for our members.

We start our Activities next October 16! 

Don't miss our first session on the start of digital life!

In this session, together with María Zabala, the connotations of the children-screen tandem will be analyzed, the scientific evidence available in relation to the impact of technology during early childhood will be reviewed, and realistic and effective options will be proposed so that access to the little ones to the digital society is gradual and accompanied.

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To access the activities and contents of the My Digital Avatar Club it is necessary to pay a fee. monthly fee. ¡Check the quota now!

All members have access to all content uploaded to the platform, as well as the right to a place in the in-person and online activities that are organized.

All Club sessions will be recorded so that they can be viewed later by all members. Additionally, they will have exclusive access to interviews, podcasts and meetings with special guests.

Members will learn to manage technologies, use different key applications, learn to talk about the problem, correctly interpret terms and conditions, as well as other regulations that affect their children's digital lives.

Join the club

Become a member and transform your relationship with the digital environment radically. Learn from our experts and from the experiences of other members, contribute your knowledge and together we will build a safer and more educated environment for our children.

We are looking forward to seeing you in this Special Mini-webinar!

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