The jury votes the finalist stories for the 5th Volume of Stories Fide

"With the jury's decision, 19 stories are confirmed to complete the 5th Vol. of Stories Fide. Meet the finalists!"

On September 7 the jury made up of Miguel Angel Lombardía, Cristina Mesa, Maribel Gilsanz, Manuel Pimentel and Fernando Rodríguez Lafuente to select the stories V book of stories Fide edited by Almuzara.

  1. La cena, Pilar Alhambra
  2. Bar Duomo no longer exists, Hermenegildo Altozano        
  3. You are big!, Isabel Barreiro    
  4. beginnings and endings, Joaquin Echanove
  5. I found the treasure thenIsabel Enciso Simon
  6. Juan without fearLaura Fernandez Blanco
  7. The return of the StrandbookManuel Fresno Castro
  8. The cyclistsFernando Gonzalez
  9. Now is yoursCristina Jimenez Savurido
  10. The online, Bartholomew Martin
  11. light and darknessJavier Mourelo
  12. Bertha's reasonsArturo Munoz Aranguren                           
  13. Round trip trains, Antonio Pamos
  14. PetalsCesar Palacios Garcia   
  15. lost in the metaverse, Ricardo J. Palomo Lefty
  16. To have a soul insist, Carlos Porcel Sastrias           
  17. By themFrancisco Javier Ramirez Arbues          
  18. A man alone in LanzaroteFrancisco Uria Fernandez                             
  19. It's not the eye thing! Javier Zapata Surgery      

Invited signatures: Theresa Old y Amelia Noguera

Usual signatures: Mario Alonso Ayala, Mario Garcés, Antonio Garrigues, Alvaro Lobato and José Manuel Otero Lastres.

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