Virtual Fide Metaverse

The space Fide Metaverse was born with the aim of addressing the phenomenon of the metaverse, considering three fundamental pillars, the technological, the economic-business and the legal, always taking into account in all of them the perspective ethical or philosophical.

What is the Space Metaverse of Fide?

The metaverse is a social and economic phenomenon that has broken into society and offers us valuable and credible news every day that is at least debatable. But among so much media litter you can find elements of interest that can change various aspects of economic activity. FIDE created this Committee with the aim of addressing this phenomenon, considering three fundamental pillars, the technological, the economic-business and the legal, always taking into account in all of them the perspective ethical or philosophical.

From a point of view technological it is necessary to consider the means available now and those that will be in the near or distant future. From a point of view or economic sector. The business activities that are feasible in the metaverse and how they can be developed must be analyzed. From a point of view legally The current framework must be taken into account, its adaptation or not to this new phenomenon and the necessary modifications or adaptations. Naturally, there is an interrelation between the three pillars, since the technologies that are being developed have an impact on the businesses that can be undertaken or should be postponed, and in turn these are conditioned by the legal framework. And the legal framework may be the current one, just need an adaptation or a deeper reform

The members of the committee will promote, design and direct training activities, research and analysis and debate on the metaverse. These activities will have a holistic vision, although the focus in the sessions or activities that the Committee designs will focus on each caso in one of the three pillars. This is intended to ensure that the Committee's activities are adjusted to reality and are useful.

International Vocation

Given the cross-border nature of the metaverse phenomenon and the technologies that comprise it, this Space has an eminently international vocation, although it is open to the discussion of matters of interest regardless of the geography in which they arise, and to the participation of professionals from anywhere in the world.

Academic coordinator

Javier Fernandez-Lasquetty Quintana

Lawyer, specialist in Intellectual Property and Information Technologies. Partner of Elzaburu SLP. Professor and Director of IP programs at IE Law School. Professor at the WIPO Academy and panelist at its Center for Arbitration and Mediation. Member of the board of directors of DENAE and Les España & Portugal. Member of the Academic Council of FIDE, director of the annual Congress on Industrial and Intellectual Property and Co-director of the International Congress on Artificial Intelligence and Intellectual Property.

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Fernando Broncano

Professor of Logic and Philosophy of Science at the Carlos III University of Madrid, trained at the universities of Salamanca and Brown. He is the author of numerous articles and several books on the border between science, technology and society. He is part of the Academic Council of the Gadea Foundation for Science and the Spanish Association for the Advancement of Science. He has especially researched in philosophy of technology.

John Ramon Charity

Managing Director at GAM Investments for Iberia, LatAm & USi, Trustee of the Foundation FIDE and Academic Director of the Master of Finance and Alternative Investments of Spanish Stock Exchanges and Markets.

Andres Desantes

Head Of Digital IT at BNP Paribas Asset Management (Paris). He has a dual competence in electronic engineering and business from his studies at ENSEA (École National Supérieure D'Electronique et de ses Applications), ESSEC (Paris and Singapore) and IIT (Chicago, USA). Furthermore, being one of the first generations of digital natives and due to his professional experiences, he naturally positions himself as a 'creative technologist' in the financial sector. Among his objectives, he highlights modernizing the ICT service to allow the company to position itself as a leader in digital services for its clients. For the last few years he led the digital production department creating and integrating numerous financial digital solutions. His knowledge of digital technology, from conceptualization to industrialization, and its application in business vision enables him to participate in discussions and strategic decisions related to these matters.

Juan Montero Rodil

Director of Competition, Regulation and Labor, Telefónica SA since 2006. After five initial years practicing law in an office in Madrid, he joined the Telefónica Group in 1996, forming part of the Legal Services of Telefónica Móviles in the liberalization of this market. In 2007 he joined Telefónica Spain as Director of the AJ of Telecommunications, and in 2016 to the SG of Telefónica SA as Director of the AAJJ of Competition, Regulation and Privacy. He graduated in Law from the Complutense University of Madrid, and PDD from IESE.

Patricia Pomares Fernandez

Senior manager at CaixaBank Asset Management. He joined CaixaBank Asset Management in 2006 and is the senior manager responsible for the CaixaBank Selección Tendencias fund, which has more than €3bn under management in 2022. He has 15 years of experience in selection, advice and management of investment funds, specializing in recent years in thematic backgrounds. Prior to this specialization she has also managed global, Japanese and mixed equity funds. She has a degree in Economics from the Carlos III University of Madrid, which she complemented with a master's degree in Quantitative Finance in International Financial Analysts (AFI) and has the CESGA certificate as a specialist in ESG management.

Teresa Rodriguez de las Heras

Professor of Commercial Law at the Carlos III University of Madrid. Currently Sir Roy Goode Scholar at UNIDROIT, Rome, 2021-2022. Chair of Excellence 2017-2018 at the University of Oxford (Uc3m-Santander Program), affiliated with Harris Manchester College. Previously, James J. Coleman, Distinguished Visiting Professor of Law at Tulane Law School, Visiting Professor at Harris Manchester College, University of Oxford, Fellow of Stanford Law School, TTLF, and Marie Curie Fellow at ZERP, University of Bremen, among other visiting professor positions and fellowships, at Columbia Law School, University of Washington, University of Tokyo or University College London. Academic Advisor of Fide.

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William Serrano

Public Policy Manager, Spain & Portugal, Meta. He is currently Vice President of the Digital Policy Commission at AMETIC. He was visiting professor of the Master in Legal Advice on Disruptive Companies / Technologies at the Carlos III University of Madrid. On the other hand, he has been Chairman of the Public Affairs Committee in Multinationals for Marca España. He has a degree in humanities and international relations from London Metropolitan University, in addition to a Master's degree in European public policy from King's College London.


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