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We are back!

"The new academic year loaded with news starts"
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After a well-deserved break after a busy academic year, we are pleased to announce that Fide kicks off the new 2021-2022 academic year.

As many of you already know, this year is marked by a series of novelties at Fide. The most significant being the change of location of both the office and the venue for the face-to-face activities. A change that comes as a result of Fide's continuous effort to adapt to the new times.


Starting this September, the face-to-face sessions will be held in the classrooms of the COAM - Official College of Architects of Madrid, based at c / Hortaleza 63, Madrid.

The multipurpose rooms of the COAM offer Fide a greater capacity, technology, and flexibility, thus allowing us to adapt our response to the needs of the attendees of each session.

On the other hand, we moved our offices to the LOOM Salamanca headquarters (C / Don Ramón de la Cruz 38, Madrid), a modern and flexible Coworking space where our team will work in a hybrid format.


After a year of online activities, we are excited to announce that we finally resume face-to-face activities, with the first one taking place on September 21st.

Maintaining an adequate capacity level, and guaranteeing hygienic safety measures, we will gradually begin to incorporate more and more face-to-face activities. A format that so many of us have been wanting to see again.

Along these lines, this academic year we will begin to carry out activities in mixed format. In these, whenever there is space, as an assistant you can choose between attending in person or connecting remotely.

Find here all scheduled activities

Soon a registration system will come into effect via personalized QR codes that will eliminate waiting during registration in face-to-face activities, allowing attendees to confirm their attendance quickly and fluidly, thus leaving more time for networking and snacks prior to the sessions. .


We are pleased to announce a new addition to the Fide Team. From this month, Emilia Malacalza joins Fide as Assistant to the Academic Coordination.

Likewise, Silvia Organista, Belén Blanco and María Antonia Muñoz, whom we thank for the work of all these years, have started new projects.


We are aware of the usual high frequency of emails from Fide. Following your suggestions, and with the aim of generating fewer emails, we implement a new mailing policy, announcing new activities in a grouped way 15 days in advance.

To keep you updated on Fide activities, you can always visit the AreaFide to see all scheduled activities. Our agenda is updated daily and in it all the activities are published as the planned dates are set,

Also, in our social media channels (LinkedIn y Twitter) we always advertise all activities with a week in advance.


Continuing with Fide's vocation of research and participation in civil society, we inaugurated 3 new working groups:

  1. Spain 2050 Working Group: A group that will be dedicated to making proposals in several of the areas studied in the Spain 2050 report.
  2. Working group on tax incentives for the use of empty houses: The objective of this group is to propose tax incentives at the European level and propose a solution for the use of empty houses that can be a solution for people homeless. This analysis will be carried out from a European perspective.
  3. Pensions Working Group II: After presenting its first report at the end of the academic year 20-21, the GT Pensions begins a new stage to help improve the pension system of our country.

Contact us for more information.


We do not want to stop highlighting some of the most important elements of the past year.

  1. Fide Report 2020-2021: Latest trends in the legal-economic field in Spain and the world - See
  2. Fide proposals
    1. Company Law
    1. Climate Emergency and Water Management
    1. Pensions
    1. Mediation as a conflict resolution system of the XXI century
    1. Telematic Celebration of Views
    1. Digital currencies
    1. Administrative Penalties: Double Degree of Jurisdiction
    1. Consultation on the Digital Services Act of the European Commission

See all >>>

  • COLLOQUIA Podcast - See
  • Fide Conversations - See

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We are back!
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