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Fide participates as an academic collaborator in the 8th CMS Legal Forum

"By virtue of the institutional relations between Fide and CMS, Fide academically coordinates the 8th edition of the Legal Forum coordinated by CMS"

CMS will celebrate the 8th Edition of the Legal Forum on May 18, 2022, at the Meliá Barajas, Madrid. By virtue of the institutional relations between Fide and CMS, Fide academically coordinates the 8th edition of the Legal Forum coordinated by CMS.

The 8th Legal Forum will address all the regulatory developments that affect the financial sector, from a technical-legal perspective, combining this joint cross-cutting vision that is so necessary for the legal, legal, regulation, compliance and bankruptcy areas.

The 4 main blocks that make up the subjects dealt with will be coordinated by Yolanda Rios Lopez, magistrate of the Mercantile Court No. 1 of Barcelona; Antonio Hernandez Vergara, Magistrate. Lawyer of the Technical Cabinet of the Supreme Court. Academic Advisor of Fide; Natalia Beautiful of Mena, Lawyer of the Administration of Justice of the Court of First Instance No. 31.

Manuel Diaz Banos, Founder of MDBLegal and Secretary General Mediation Center Fide – CMF, will participate in the table on Consequences of the Procedural Efficiency Bill.

Cristina Jimenez Savurido, President of Fidewill participate with Ignatius Vilarroig, in the welcoming remarks as well as in the closing remarks and will be the moderator of the initial round table on challenges to address CMS and in the round table on Innovation in the legal sector.


Consequences of the Draft Procedural Efficiency Law:

academic coordination: antonio hernández vergara

  • Negotiating activity prior to the process.
  • Streamlining of processes.
  • Digital transformation.

Update on bankruptcy matters:

academic coordination: Yolanda Rios

  • The position of the creditor in contests without estate.
  • New procedure for exoneration of unsatisfied liabilities in the PLRTRLC.
  • Mortgage credit in bankruptcy proceedings.

Judicial recovery – Consumer Credit:

academic coordination: Natalia Hermoso mena

  • Revolving credit.
  • Procedural moment to allege abusive clauses (early expiration).
  • Effects of moratoriums on personal loans and consumption.
  • Allegation of abusive clauses.
  • Tour of the STS 02/02/2021 in the Courts.

Judicial recovery – Mortgage Credit:

academic coordination: Natalia Hermoso mena

  • Effects of the moratorium on rental debt for large holders.
  • COVID moratorium effects.
  • Scope of the qualifying function of the adjudication decree by the Property Registrar, after the STS 15/12/2021.


academic coordination: Cristina jiménez savurid

  • Current situation.
  • Novel solutions.
  • Necessary investment.
  • Interaction with clients, courts, debtors, etc.

General Information

The Legal Forum is aimed at Bankruptcy Administrators | Directors legal departments and legal advice | Directors of credit, risks and collection | Compliance and Data Protection Officers (CDOs) | Heads of judicial recovery area | Directors of the pre-contentious, contentious, extrajudicial and judicial department | Operations managers.

Among the invited sectors are: Law Firms, Servicers, Financial Entities, Fintech, RegTech and LegalTech and institutions involved in financial legal practice.

Location: Meliá Barajas – Av. de Logroño, 305, Madrid.

Date: Tuesday May 18, 2022

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