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Fide presents the report Fide 2021- 2022

"Latest trends in the legal-economic field in Spain and the world"

We are pleased to announce that the second edition of the Report Fide, an annual reference publication in the legal-economic field that aims to contribute to the formation of an informed opinion on highly topical issues, analyzed with the utmost rigor, solidity and broad-mindedness.

We bring together in this second edition a total of 13 articles on legally, economic, Energy efficiency, technology y European, from the hand of experts in each subject.

Report Fide 2021 – 2022

13 articles on legally, economic, Energy efficiency, technology y European, from the hand of leading experts in each subject.

List of articles:

  • World Economic Situation – Jorge Padilla, Juan Ramón Caridad, Álvaro Lobato and María José Gómez Yubero
  • An interrupted recovery. – Francisco Uria
  • Economic recovery, inflation and change in expectations. – Ricardo Martinez Rico
  • The energy market in Europe in 2021-2022. – Juan Jose Alba Rios
  • The European citizen: at the center of EU post-Brexit's agenda? – Manuel Desantes y Laurent Manderieux
  • A 2030 vision of ESG in troubled times: sustainability as a new paradigm in organizations. – Charles of the Tower
  • The Challenges of the Metaverse – Andrés Desantes, Javier Fernández-Lasquetty, Teresa Rodríguez de las Heras and Ana Fernández-Tresguerres
  • Advances in the regulation of Cryptoactives, NFTs and other digital assets. – Gloria Hernandez
  • EU social law in the 2021/2022 academic year with five perspectives. – Antonio Sempere, Roman Gil, Maria Emilia Casas, Ignacio Garcia Perrote y Adrian Gomez
  • Present and future bankruptcy: New perspectives for the pre-pack – Amanda cohen
  • Eppur if Miuove – Ricard martinez
  • Patrimonial responsibility of public administrations: normative interpretations that generate confusion. – Rosa Vidal
  • The procedural requirement of the procedural efficiency bill. – Manuel Diaz

We want to thank the participation of all the authors who have contributed with their knowledge and experience to this collective initiative that we promote from Fide.

Thanks again for the trust and support, without a doubt the best encouragement to continue and strengthen the position of recognized prestige of Fide.

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