Fide presents the new Space Fide Cryptoactives-DLT

"Training programs, research, publications and much more in the field of crypto assets, tokenization and distributed ledger technology"

Training programs, research, publications and much more!

He is born Virtual Fide Cryptoactives-DLT with the objective of design, propose and implement study programs, national and international, prepare and develop research proposals, which can lead to quality publications or make reports on regulations in force or in process, all in relation to the field of cryptoassets, tokenizations and distributed ledger technology (DLT).

In order to fulfill the purposes for which the Space has been created Fide Cryptoactives-DLT, A Committee has been formed made up of experts from the Public Administration, the Judiciary, consulting, the crypto sector, the financial services sector and academia, whose members will promote, organize and lead all the activities carried out within the scope of this Space Fide, under the coordination of Alfredo Muñoz García, Professor of Commercial Law, Complutense University of Madrid.

Specifically, these are the lines of action of this committee:

  • The design, development and supervision of different degrees of FIDE, in relation to the field of DLT technology and cryptoactives, which allow an ideal offer to start, deepen and update these matters, to professionals from different fields and sectors. This type of training will be multidisciplinary and should allow students to obtain knowledge of technological, legal and economic issues related to the applications of those technologies.
  • El development of research tasks in relation to the field of knowledge of the matters whose analysis has been entrusted to this Committee, being able to organize conferences, seminars, congresses, or promote the publication of reports, articles or collective works that may represent an advance in knowledge on these issues.
  • To exchange regulatory experiences and knowledge with training, research, regulators and supervisors centers and with any institution that in the European and Latin American sphere develops knowledge in relation to distributed registry technology and crypto assets.
  • Generate momentum in the Spanish state on the knowledge, debate and efficient and protective regulation of the market, investors and consumers, regarding the matters entrusted to the Committee, to promote responsible and efficient use of these technologies that, in addition to improving economic relations, favors Spain is a highly innovative country, generating an increase in wealth, employment and investment.


  • Francisco Del Olmo Fons, Deputy Director responsible for Fintech and Cybersecurity of the CNMV
  • Isabela Delgado Ruiz-Gallardon, Commercial Technician and State Economist in the Technical and Financial Analysis Office of the Public Treasury as head of the fintech area
  • Jesus Heritage Anton, Director of Digital Assets and #Blockchain at OARO
  • Gloria Hernandez Aler, Finreg 360 Partner
  • Alfredo Munoz Garcia, Professor of Commercial Law, Complutense University of Madrid – Coordinator of this Space Fide
  • Luis Pastor Perez, Consulting Managing Partner and leader of the Crypto and Blockchain practice at Grant Thornton
  • Angel Luis Quesada Nieto, Director of Digital Assets and Blockchain at OARO
  • Yolanda Rios Lopez, Judge Mercantile Court 1 Barcelona.
  • Teresa Rodriguez De Las Heras, Professor of Commercial Law at the Carlos III University of Madrid. Currently Sir Roy Goode Scholar at UNIDROIT, Rome, 2021-2022
  • Fanny Solano Agramonte, Director of the Legal Department of Digital, Retail and Market Regulation; Transparency and Regulatory Implementation of CaixaBank

Virtual Fide Cryptoactives-DLT

The space Fide Cryptoactives-DLT was created with the aim of designing, proposing and implementing national and international study programs, preparing and developing research proposals that can lead to quality publications or reports on regulations in force or in process, all in relation to the field of crypto assets, tokenizations and distributed ledger technology.

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