Fide presents a new Debate Forum on the Challenges of Groups of Societies

"Groups of companies constitute an increasingly widespread and relevant reality in our economic ecosystem."

The aim of Forum "Challenges of Groups of Societies" de Fide, is to be a place for professionals to meet and debate to delve into the reality, problems and challenges of groups of companies. The objective is contemplate them from various legal, business, economic and organizational perspectives, including commercial, fiscal, labor, economic, accounting, compliance, bankruptcy and other aspects, in order to share criteria, experiences and solutions to address this complex and widespread organizational form of companies National and international institutions.

Academic direction:

Jose Maria Roji, Partner of CMS Albiñana & Suárez de Lezo. Academic Advisor of Fide.

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Groups of companies are an increasingly widespread and relevant reality in our economic ecosystem. This is often spoken of polycorporate Company, when a business reality is not subsumed in a single company but in a plurality of legal persons of a corporate nature that are integrated into what is known as a group of companies.

These groups of societies are at the same time very Different from each other, categorizing themselves as centralized and decentralized, national and international groups, by coordination or by subordination, groups with a single activity or with diverse activities by companies or subgroups, with or without external partners, and, finally, a whole diversity, depending on its structure, activity, its way of developing it and its organizational model.

This reality of the corporate and business world is heterogeneous from the strategic and organizational perspective and is not accompanied by a systematic and complete legal regulation. However, on the one hand, this heterogeneity presents common elements that make it possible to categorize the groups and deal with their different realities in a systematic way, and, on the other hand, there are numerous regulations that deal with this phenomenon from different perspectives: commercial, fiscal, accounting, labor, public contracting and other types of Additionally, an abundant and valuable business literature and scientific doctrine have been generated that have addressed different manifestations of the reality of the groups, while the jurisprudence has been issuing pronouncements on this form of business organization to respond to many of its realities.

The truth is that rigorously addressing the groups of companies constitutes a challenge that requires a deep knowledge of its operation and an expert multidisciplinary vision. The purpose of this forum is to deepen through specialized and multidisciplinary knowledge in updating the problems, solutions and best practices around this issue.

In order to complete a global vision of the groups and their challenges in a complete way, a series of subjects have been predefined, which will be expanded, completed, guided and prioritized according to the interests of the forum participants and the the possible demands of today.

First session:

Groups of companies: a legal economic perspective. Groups as a legitimate business organization model.

Objectives: In this inaugural session, the business economic justification of this organizational model will be addressed. The economic reality of the groups of companies will be explained and questions of competitiveness and international expansion will be discussed. In addition, the benefits for the economy of large groups of companies will be analysed.

Speaker: Benito Arruñada, Professor of Business Organization at Pompeu Fabra University

Moderator: Jose Maria Roji, Partner of CMS Albiñana & Suárez de Lezo. Academic Advisor of Fide.

Date and place: Madrid (COAM), face-to-face, June 21 from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m., with breakfast

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