Fide and CEDR present the 3rd edition of the Mediation in Practice program – June 2023

"Leader Course in Training of Fundamental Skills for Mediation"

We are pleased to announce that, thanks to the agreement reached by Fide and CEDR and, after the success of past editions, the third edition of this program leader in Training of Fundamental Skills for Mediation that will take place in 2023 June

This 5-day program focuses on what you do best CEDAR: Highly trained instructors who are also experienced mediators, helping course participants learn and apply the process and skills of practicing mediation. The 5 days of the CEDR course involve hands-on exercises and role-plays in simulations of casos practical, where all participants will have the opportunity to be the mediator and receive training or 'coaching' and structured feedback from experienced mediators.

This course offers participants a broad perspective on conflict management, specifically focusing on the mediation process and the skills required.


  • A review of dispute resolution methods
  • A comparison of negotiation, arbitration and mediation
  • Instruction and practice in mediation skills including the structure and phases of mediation and necessary communication skills
  • Evaluation of the mediation skills of the participants

The Trainers of this new edition will be: Susanne schuler, Director of Training and Consulting and Mediator of CEDR; Anne Virginia Bauder, Lawyer, trainer, mediator accredited by CEDR and Maria Bacas Bad, A lawyer. ACTP mediator and executive coach. CEDR trainers are mediation experts with years of casoI know experience. In addition to training, all of them practice mediation professionally.

The course will consist of two modules:

  • 1 MODULE

Skills Training for Business Mediation

  • First day:
    • It focuses on the practical application of the key processes and skills of a mediator in the opening and exploration phases of mediation.
    • Sessions include the phases of mediation, preparation, mediator opening, what and how to explore, active listening skills, and building trust and rapport.
  • Second day:
    • Participants continue their practice of the process and key skills of an effective mediator by focusing on the initial negotiation phases of mediation.  
    • Sessions will cover: nonverbal communication, managing emotions, strategic information sharing and deal management, negotiation skills for mediators, and managing status and power imbalance in negotiations.
    • The final stage of the negotiation and the conclusion phase will be discussed in detail and all participants will have another opportunity to mediate with more coaching y feedback structured from experienced mediators. 
    • Sessions include dealing with blockage, challenging parties, reality testing, and mediator ethics.
  • 2 MODULE

CEDR accreditation

  • Third day: Practice Day
    • This day focuses on one caso for the whole day. All participants will have the opportunity to mediate on one occasion, and also to play the role of party and lawyer.  
    • A coach is present at each role play throughout the day to give each participant extensive coaching during the role play, followed by a feedback staff to focus on strengths and areas for development to prepare them for assessment days.
  • Fourth and fifth: Evaluation for CEDR Accreditation:
    • Assessed by CEDR trainers, successful participants receive the internationally recognized quality badge as: CEDR Accredited Mediator. 
    • During day 2, each participant is evaluated in the initial phases of the mediation.  
    • During day 3, each participant is evaluated in the middle and final parts of the mediation. 

Dates and place of realization: The program will be held for 5 days so classroom at the headquarters of Fide, during the days J15, V16, L19, M20 and X21 of June 2023 (from 8.30:6.00 a.m. to XNUMX:XNUMX p.m.) at the headquarters of Fide at COAM (Official College of Architects of Madrid) at C/ Hortaleza 63, Madrid.

Course language: The course will be taught in Spanish.

Course price: The price of the course is €4.500. The members of the Academic Council and members of the Business Advisory Council of Fide, they will have a 5% off.

Accreditation: Once CEDR certification is obtained, Fide will certify 50 hours of training in mediation (preliminary readings and sessions).

Contact: For more information and registration contact Carmen Hermida

Fide is recognized by the Ministry of Justice as accredited institution of Training in Mediation. This course is creditable for 50 hours. If you wish to complete the 100 hours required by the Ministry of Justice to work as a mediator in Spain, we offer an additional course in collaboration with the Notarial College of Catalonia. With the 100h and the CEDR accreditation, you can request to be part of the panel of mediators of the Mediation Center Fide.

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