The 2023 Restructuring Congress ends

"Fide held a conference on September 28 to analyze the main developments in the application of the TRLC in restructuring processes"

Last Thursday, September 28, the Congress took place: Latest judicial resolutions on restructuring, organized by FIDE, a highly anticipated meeting between professionals from the legal, financial, economic sectors, public entities, etc. Interested in the latest news on restructuring.

The Congress was held at the headquarters of FIDE at the College of Architects of Madrid. The high number of attendees reflected the interest in the changes made to the TRLC and their applications to the most relevant restructuring processes that are now being processed in Spain and that arouse the greatest interest for professionals are those of companies. Celsa, Telepizza, Naviera Armas, Single Home, Ezentis, Hospital de Torrejón, Aldesa, J. Vilaseca, Transbiaga and Xeldist, which present different characteristics, interpretative difficulties in the procedural and extra-procedural areas, various legal, economic and financial issues and without a doubt they are not in identical procedural phases, but all of them raise a very interesting and necessary reflection that we debated at the last congress.

A document will be published soon with the conclusions of the debates to thereby enrich the documentation accessible to many professionals.

Below is a small gallery with some of the highlights, in caso If you want this photo in full quality, please Contact Us.

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