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"There are not so many people who, in this inadvertent way, are actually part of the lives of others."

Last Saturday Gonzalo Jiménez-Blanco passed away. Faced with this, and with his long illness, the intense feelings crowd together and become very difficult to describe.

Of course, it is not easy to exaggerate - for all of us who were lucky enough to work with him or simply coincide on his way through life - what Gonzalo means to us.
We have read these very heartfelt tributes these days. We join all of them, and yet all of them reveal the impossibility of fixing in words, in a text, what we feel in the face of this loss.

Gonzalo is one of those people who you remember spontaneously, always on the occasion of some manifestation of his intelligence, cordiality, good heart, simplicity, none of which is at odds with the utmost rigor and consistency, both personally and professionally. .

There are not so many people who, in this inadvertent way, are actually part of the lives of others.

Some of us had - we must insist on it - the luck of working with him precisely at the moment when we started our professional career, that moment in which concepts, criteria and principles are established that should cement our way of acting and to which we will resort in our professional life.

It is in those initial moments that the example is even more important. Gonzalo inspired us by seeing and living a reality in which acting correctly, with rigor, intelligence and kindness is really an option and produces the best results for everyone. Also, he taught us with his example that valuing people for what they do, with the affection and dedication that Gonzalo has always transmitted, serves to promote in everyone the desire to do things well.

Some of us have also met Gonzalo professionally, sometimes on the same side and sometimes on the opposite, but he always showed the same face: that of camaraderie, loyalty and respect.

Others of us have asked for your criteria in important personal and professional decisions, that even, already late in your illness, at home or at WhatsApp, He did not hesitate to give us, always with good sense and above all with naturalness, vitality and optimism.

All are positive effects that, from the heart, we thank Gonzalo and we will always be grateful.

His professional career is, on the other hand, one more manifestation of all these qualities. And the multitude of emotional reactions to her loss, a manifestation of how someone like that directly impresses those who live or work around them.

Therefore, being aware of how limited words are, we do not want to stop showing Gonzalo's family our most heartfelt admiration and affection. A very strong hug for them.

Alberto Calles, Antonio del Campo, Eduardo Muela, Víctor Rodríguez and Ignacio Santillán

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