DNA: the value of forensic evidence and the limits of its use

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Fide and the Garrigues Foundation, have convened a group of professionals, with the aim of reflecting on this matter and preparing an informed document to contribute to society and the scientific and legal community. 

The primary objective with which this Working Group has been convened, from civil society, is to develop a series of recommendations for the correct use of DNA analysis for forensic purposes, setting out the value of forensic evidence and the limit of its use .


Recommendations for the correct use of DNA analysis for forensic purposes.

The Foundation Fide and the Garrigues Foundation presented on Tuesday, March 19 at the headquarters of Fide  the document: Recommendations for the correct use of DNA analysis for forensic purposes.

  • DNA and forensic science;
  • The STRs Profiles and the DNA Databases;
  • The Likelihood Quotients;
  • Background DNA and primary and secondary DNA blots;
  • DNA contamination;
  • The implementation of new massive sequencing techniques and new DNA markers;
  • Research in forensic science.

Have participated in this working group: 

  • Jose Andradas Herranz, Optional Official of the National Police Corps, DNA Database Administrator; 
  • Jesus Agudo Ordoñez, Director, National Institute of Toxicology and Forensic Sciences, Department of Madrid; 
  • Amaya Arnaiz Serrano, Interim Associate Professor, Carlos III University of Madrid. Researcher, Alonso Martínez Institute for Justice and Litigation; 
  • Gemma Barroso Villarreal, Commissioner of the National Police, Head of the Central Unit for Scientific Analysis of the General Commission of the Scientific Police; 
  • Maria Jesus Benito Buitrago, Forensic Physician Advisor to the General Directorate of Relations with the Administration of Justice; 
  • Rosario Cospedal Garcia, General Director, GENOMICA SAU, Grupo Pharma Mar; 
  • Jesus de la Morena Olías, Director, Garrigues Foundation; 
  • Antonio del Moral Garcia, Magistrate, Supreme Court; 
  • Juan Manuel Fernandez Martinez, Member of the General Council of the Judiciary; 
  • Jose Miguel Garcia Sagredo Academic of Number, Royal National Academy of Medicine. Honorary Professor, University of Alcalá de Henares; 
  • Amaya Gorostiza Langa Manager, GENOMICA SAU Genetic Identification Laboratory, Pharma Mar Group; 
  • Eusebio Lopez Reyes, Inspector of the National Police, responsible for the DNA Database of the General Police Station of Scientific Police; 
  • Jose Juan Lucena Mill, Colonel of the Civil Guard. Director, Specialization School of the Civil Guard; 
  • Victor Moreno Catena, Director of the IAMJL. Professor of Procedural Law, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. Lawyer. President, UEAP; 
  • M ª Dolores Moreno Raymundo, Forensic Medical Advisor in the Ministry of Justice; 
  • Jaime Moreno Verdejo, Chamber Prosecutor, Supreme Court; 
  • Luis Rodriguez Ramos Professor of Criminal Law and Lawyer and 
  • Agate Maria Sanz Hermida, Professor of Procedural Law, University of Castilla la Mancha.


All the people who have participated in this working group of Fide, have done so in a personal capacity and not on behalf of the entities, offices, Universities or companies, where they carry out their professional work, so these conclusions do not reflect and do not include institutional positions but rather particular ones of each one of the members of the group.

Group Directors

Angel Carracedo

Professor of Legal Medicine, Institute of Forensic Sciences, University of Santiago de Compostela

Antonio Alonso Alonso

Physician of the National Institute of Toxicology and Forensic Sciences and Member and Secretary of the National Commission for the forensic use of DNA

Lourdes prieto

Collaborating Researcher, Institute of Forensic Sciences, University of Santiago de Compostela

Directors of the Science and Law Commission

Antonio Garrigues-Walker

President of the Garrigues Foundation.

Cristina Jimenez

President. Foundress.

Pedro Garcia Barreno

Honorary professor at the Complutense University. Doctor of Medicine, specialty: Surgery. Member of the Royal Academies: Spanish, of Exact, Physical and Natural Sciences, of Doctors of Spain, and of the Academia Scientiarum et Artium Europaea. Honorary Member, European Superior Council of Doctors. Co-director of the "Science and Law Dialogues" and Member of the Academic Council of FIDE.
Academic coordination: Victory Dal Lago Demi


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