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Article 13 Copyright Directive


The proposal for a Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on copyright in the digital single market includes an Article 13 that is causing significant controversy. The defenders of Article 13, mainly the music industry, argue that it will serve to close the so-called “value gap”, the supposed value gap between the income they obtain from services financed through advertising compared to the income they receive from services that are financed through subscriptions. Instead, critics of Article 13 argue that it will dramatically change the Web as we know it, turning online content-sharing service providers into veritable "censorship machines." On the other hand, the proposed Directive does not clarify to what extent Article 13 could be compatible with the Electronic Commerce Directive and the Judgments of the CJEU that have interpreted it, or its impact on the Fundamental Rights of users and consumers. 

Analysis areas

Legislative policy challenges of Article 13 of the Copyright Directive: the position of the Spanish Government

Legal analysis of the issue

Social and economic impact for the actors affected by this regulation

Group Director

Alvaro Bourkaib

Cuatrecasas Partner
Academic coordination: Carmen Hermida


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