Cultural change for gender equality


The main objective of this group is to identify the best ways to promote a process of cultural innovation to promote gender equality in the business law sector.

For organizations to become aware of the need to promote equality as a cultural system it is necessary, among other things, that the diversity is considered as a value within the company and that it assumes the commitment to give it a strategic role within the organizational structure.

The social moment in which we live invites the leaders of organizations to transform the world of work by reviewing inherited beliefs and granting full equality to women and men. 
During the first stage, the group has attended different training sessions and debates on gender biases, and the importance of working on organizational culture, beyond implementing measures that favor employability. Once these tools and measures have been analyzed, the group will dedicate this second stage to the search for a cultural transformation from a gender perspective.

Analysis Areas

Redefining the meritocracy to advance towards equality

Digital disconnect

Visibility and personal branding of women

Facilitate reinstatement after maternity and paternity leave

Management of equality plans in offices

Impact of the changes implemented on the dispatch result


At the end of 2019 an alliance was born between Fide y Praised, cultural accelerator for gender equality, from which this working group arises

Group Directors

Jorgelina Albano

Executive Board Advisor- Gender Equality at Alabadas

Cristina Jimenez Savurido

President of Fide.

sonia gumpert

Lawyer, Partner at Monereo Meyer Abogados.

Marina Pozas Diaz

Partner of Ambar Partners

Lydia zommer

Managing Partner of Mirada 360
Academic coordination: Emilia Malacalza

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