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When in April 2020 the consequences of Covid-19 began to unfold all its effects in Spain, the foundations Fide y Garrigues We brought together a group of experts who from their recognized fields of experience and knowledge would contribute to the analysis of the main challenges, the data and information that should be taken into consideration and facilitate the understanding of all the dimensions of the reality that we were living.

Reflections from Science, Economy and Law in the face of the urgency generated by Covid-19.


  1. Introduction by Antonio Garrigues Walker
  2. Introduction by Cristina Jiménez Savurido
  3. Analysis from the scientific field by Ramón Gomis de Barbarà
  4. Analysis from the geostrategic field by Ángel Gómez de Ágreda
  5. Analysis from the economic sphere by Rafael Doménech
  6. Analysis from the workplace by María Emilia Casas Baamonde
  7. Global analysis by Pedro García Barreno

Group members

Antonio Garrigues-Walker

President of the Garrigues Foundation.

Cristina Jimenez

President. Foundress.

Ramon Gomis de Barbara

Endocrinologist. Emeritus Director of the Institut d'Investigacions Biomèdiques August Pi i Sunyer (IDIBAPS). Professor of the Department of Medicine at the University of Barcelona.

Angel Gómez de Ágreda

Geopolitical Analyst. Colonel of the Air Force, he has been chief of cooperation of the Joint Cyber ​​Defense Command.

Rafael Domenech

Head of Economic Analysis at BBVA Research and Professor of Economic Analysis at the University of Valencia.

Maria Emilia Casas Baamonde

Professor of Labor and Social Security Law. President Emeritus of the Constitutional Court. Elective Councilor of State. Member of the Academic Council of Fide. President of the Spanish Association of Labor and Social Security Law.

Pedro Garcia Barreno

Honorary professor at the Complutense University. Doctor of Medicine, specialty: Surgery. Member of the Royal Academies: Spanish, of Exact, Physical and Natural Sciences, of Doctors of Spain, and of the Academia Scientiarum et Artium Europaea. Honorary Member, European Superior Council of Doctors. Co-director of the "Science and Law Dialogues" and Member of the Academic Council of FIDE.
Academic coordination: Victory Dal Lago Demi


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