Ethnic, socioeconomic and cultural diversity


This working group was born in the academic year 20-21 with the objective of analyze diversity management in law firms from the triple ethnic, socioeconomic and cultural aspect, since we understand that these are aspects that go hand in hand in the social reality of a country, and that this must be reflected in the composition of human teams in general and managers in particular.

During its first stage, it has been studied the state of the question, both from the labor perspective (companies and member firms of the GT) and university (profile of people graduated from Spanish universities, academic and employment situation of second-generation Spanish people, etc.). In addition, the need for work on unconscious biases and adopt new communication styles internal and external, more in line with social reality and with the current demands of potential clients and collaborators.

In this second stage, the overall objective is to analyze those subjects that during the work sessions of course 20-21 have come to light as worrisome issues for the members of the GT, and to be able to reach a consensus in this regard, which is reflected in a document of conclusions or good practices, to which the members of the WG (and other organizations) can voluntarily adhere.

Analysis Areas

Unconscious biases

Positive actions vs discrimination

Meritocracy vs equality

Customer criteria

Internal communication

Ageism in the legal sector


This group continues to work to develop its first proposal document

Group Director

Cristina Jimenez Savurido

President of Fide.
Academic coordination: Emilia Malacalza

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