Climate emergency and water management


The Working Group intends contribute with concrete proposals to the problems that the climate emergency poses in relation to water, taking as a reference the most relevant documents and legislative projects to date (especially the draft Law on Climate Change and the Green Book on Water Governance in Spain that is being prepared by the Ministry for Ecological Transition).

Analysis Areas

International water levels

Use and public management

Regulation of private use


Conclusions Climate Emergency and Water Management Working Group

The Group has dedicated this course to analyzing governance issues, such as a possible institutional reform in water management, or the figure of the Hydrographic Confederation and its position in the face of the climate emergency; matters related to planning, such as the role of the private sector or land management; and regulatory issues such as the possibility of modifying European regulations.

After several sessions of analysis and joint work, it is a pleasure to Fide and the direction of the GT to be able to share our proposals.

The working group Fide formula proposals on the following subjects:

  1. Role of water in mitigation and adaptation tasks
  2. Design of resilient water systems. The role of technology
  3. More rigorous application of the 'cost recovery' principle
  4. Promotion of inter-administrative cooperation
  5. More rigorous application of Community regulations on purification
  6. Defense and protection of vulnerable groups
  7. Continuous monitoring of the issues raised by the water challenge in a context of climate change

Have participated in this working group: 

  • Valentine Alfaya, Ferrovial Environment Director.
  • Antonio Alonso Clemente, Head of the Litigation Services Area of ​​the Junta de Extremadura.
  • ramiro angle, Secretary General of the Spanish Association of Water Supply and Sanitation (AEAS).
  • Liana Ardiles, Formerly General Director of Water.
  • Mariano Bacigalupo Saggese, Full Professor of Administrative Law at UNED. Member of the Academic Council of Fide.
  • Antonio Baena, Managing partner of G-advisory, a subsidiary of the Garrigues group.
  • Fernando Calancha, Partner in the Public Law Regulation Area.
  • Carlos de Miguel Perales, Lawyer, Professor at the Faculty of Law of ICADE (Universidad Pontificia Comillas).
  • Antonio Fanlo Loras, Professor of Administrative Law.
  • Rafael Fernandez Valverde, Magistrate of the Third Chamber of the Supreme Court.
  • William Gonzalez de Olano, Legal Director of the Suez Group.
  • David howell, Head of Climate and Energy, Department of Environmental Governance, SEO / BirdLife.
  • Jose Manuel Jover Lorente, General Counsel of the Junta de Extremadura.
  • Pedro Linares Flames, Professor of ETS Engineering ICAI.
  • Jose Lopez-Tafall, Director of Regulation of Acciona.
  • Blanca Lozano Cutanda, Professor of Administrative Law at CUNEF. Academic Advisor GA_PO.
  • Asuncion Martínez García, Director of Concessions of the Suez Group.
  • Manuel Menendez Prieto, Advisor in the Cabinet of the Secretary of State for the Environment.
  • Jose Antonio Morillo Velarde, Head of the Legal Department, State Ports, Ministry of Development.
  • Francis Munoz, General Director of Water Management and Green Areas, Madrid City Council-
  • Luis Miguel Palancar, Director in the Structured & Project Finance team, BBVA Corporate & Investment Banking.
  • Francisco Perez-Crespo, Department Partner, Corporate Cuatrecasas.
  • Candido Perez Serrano, Partner responsible for Infrastructure, Government and Health of KPMG Spain.
  • Alfonso Ramos de Molins, State Attorney, Subdirectorate General for Constitutional and Human Rights.
  • Federico Ramos, Director of Hydrological Management Grupo Suez, Former Secretary of State for the Environment, State Attorney.
  • Laura rivera, Directorate of Legal Services Red Eléctrica de España.
  • Christina Rivero, CEOE Environment Coordinator.
  • Rita Rodriguez Robles, Director of the WWF / Adena Legal Department.
  • Gonzalo Saenz De Miera, Director of Climate Change in the Iberdrola Presidency Area.
  • Daniel Sanz, Subdirectorate General for Infrastructures and Technology Ministry for Ecological Transition.
  • Marina Serrano Gonzalez, president of AELEC. Of Counsel Pérez-Llorca.
  • Jose Trigueros, CEDEX director (Center for Studies and Experimentation of Public Works).
  • Fernando valladares, Research professor at the CSIC, where he directs the group on Ecology and Global Change at the National Museum of Natural Sciences.
  • Daniel Vazquez Garcia, Partner, directs the Department of Public and Environmental Law at Dentons Spain.
  • Rosa Vidal Monferrer, Managing Partner of Broseta Abogados and Director of Public Law.
  • Guillermina Yanguas, Magistrate and Doctor of Law. Member of the Academic Council of Fide (WG director).
  • Antonio Yanez, President of the Tagus Hydrographic Confederation.


All the people who have participated in this working group of Fide, have done so in a personal capacity and not on behalf of the entities, offices, Universities or companies, where they carry out their professional work, so these conclusions do not reflect and do not include institutional positions but rather particular ones of each one of the members of the group.

Group Director

Guillermina Yanguas

Magistrate and Doctor of Law. Member of the Academic Council of Fide.
Academic coordination: Emilia Malacalza


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