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Young people with opinion


The working group of young people with an opinion of FIDE has met regularly
over several months to analyze the implications of digital transformation
in various areas of our society and, specifically, its relations with the
collaborative economy, with disruptive technologies such as blockchain, with the sector
public and with entrepreneurship in the digital age. In this context, the group of
work has reflected on the role of law in a society and an economy
subject to strong disruptive changes and on the role of jurists (lawyers,
public officials, judges, etc.).



The conclusions gathered have been elaborated from the written contributions and oral interventions of the participants in the working group. Although they do not represent the unanimous opinion of all of them, they do faithfully convey the issues that have been submitted for debate, in which jurists, economists, consultants, entrepreneurs and public employees have participated.

On the other hand, we highlight that these conclusions, which in no case are linked to any type of political or ideological option, are intended to invite to continue and deepen an academic debate open to everyone about the issues discussed.

Group Directors

Wanda cazalla

A lawyer. Advising lawyer at the General Vice-Secretariat of the Bank of Spain (Institutional Secretariat). Member of the Academic Council of Fide.

Ignacio Gonzalez Royo

Partner of the Technology and Intellectual Property Group of Meitar. Member of the Academic Council of Fide.

FIDE wants to thank Wanda Cazalla and Ignacio González Royo for their coordination and academic management work, as well as all the speakers for the introduction and presentation of topics in these debates: Rosa Martínez Cal, Mario Díaz Romeral, Ricardo Fernández Flores, Maria Jesús González -Espejo, Antonio Gonzalo Vaca, Carles Lloret, Rafael Martínez-Cortiña, Juan Mora-Sanguinetti, Angel Osuna, Néstor Palao, Jorge Pou, Jordi Puggali, José Carlos Romero, Alvaro Travesedo, Angelines Turón.

The Group of Young People with Opinion whose initial members are Juan Campillo, Wanda Cazalla, Manuel Díaz Baños, Alberto Ferrándiz, Ignacio González Royo, María José Huertas, Samuel Rivero and Ismael Simón and also those who have subsequently participated Eduardo López-Román, Clara Martín , David Martín, Sara Molina, Irene Moya, Cecilia Pastor, Ildefonso Pastor, want to express their gratitude to FIDE for having given the opportunity and having provided the means to hold these debates, with speakers and attendees of the highest intellectual level.

Academic coordination: Victory Dal Lago


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