Neuroscience and Law

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Fide and the Garrigues Foundation, have convened a group of professionals to this Working Group from the scientific and legal fields to advance in the analysis of this matter from both approaches and establish a Neuroscience and Law Committee, formed by relevant scientists and jurists, that favors mutual knowledge of the respective areas of interest and contributes to the improvement of the scientific-technical knowledge of jurists and the legal training of scientists. All this within the framework of an institutionalized structure in permanent connection with the scientific and legislative bodies of the highest rank of representation.

Subjects Addressed

Scientific and human perspective of the brain: Can we build a virtual model of the brain?

Observations on neuroscience: free will and criminal responsibility.

Neurocomputation: Computational models of the brain.

Neurorobotics: Neural interfaces.

The ABCs of Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence

Group members

Anthony Garrigues

President of the Garrigues Foundation

Cristina Jimenez

President of Fide

Pedro Garcia Barreno

Honorary professor at the Complutense University. Doctor of Medicine, specialty: Surgery. Member of the Royal Academies: Spanish, of Exact, Physical and Natural Sciences, of Doctors of Spain, and of the Academia Scientiarum et Artium Europaea. Honorary Member, European Superior Council of Doctors. Co-director of the "Science and Law Dialogues" and Member of the Academic Council of FIDE.
Academic coordination: Victory Dal Lago Demi


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