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The new FIDE Pension Group, from full intellectual freedom, intends to contribute its proposals for improvement to the recent Recommendations of the Toledo Pact Commission. For this, these proposals will be transferred to the Civil Society so that they can be taken into account in the corresponding regulatory modification processes.

A sustainable reform of the pension system has become an irreplaceable objective of the Spanish Society given the proximity, in 2022, of the beginning of the retirement of the extensive generation of babyboomers, together with the expected and continuous increase in life expectancy , and also with the new ways of working and producing that will affect us all.

We can affirm, without a doubt, that the moment is right after the parliamentary approval of the Commission's report and we therefore propose to work with generosity and commitment.


Conclusions Working Group Pensions

The Pensions Working Group, led by Tomás Arrieta, Honorary Professor of the UCM and President of the AGE Foundation, has worked in recent months on the analysis of the recommendations of the Toledo Pact Commission, which were agreed upon and widely approved in our Parliament at the end of last year.

The Fide working group formulates proposals on the following subjects:

First: Extension of working life / compatibility of work and pension

Monday: Complementary Social Security

Third: Revaluation and sustainability

Quarter: Separation of sources and restoration of financial equilibrium

Thursday: Regime integration and convergence

Friday: Quote of the self-employed

Seventh: Information / Transparency / Training

Eighth: Mutual Collaborators with Social Security

Ninth: Widowhood and orphan benefits

Tenth: Support for the Toledo Pact Commission

Have participated in this working group: 

  • Fernando Ariza Rodríguez, Deputy Director General of the Mutual Society of the Legal Profession
  • Tomás Arrieta Carrillo, President of the AGE Foundation. GT Director
  • Guillermo Barrios Baudor, Professor of Labor and Social Security Law, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos de Madrid
  • Eva Blázquez Agudo, Professor of Labor and Social Security Law at the Carlos III University of Madrid (in special services), and Deputy Minister of Employment of the Community of Madrid
  • Carles Campuzano, Director of the Dincat Federation
  • Juan Chozas Pedrero, Of counsel, Auren Abogados
  • Elisa Chuliá, Professor at UNED and Researcher at FUNCAS
  • Ignacio Conde Ruíz, Professor of Fundamentals of Economic Analysis, Complutense University of Madrid. Deputy Director, FEDEA
  • Carlos de la Torre, Of Counsel at Baker Mckenzie Labor Department and Labor Inspector on leave of absence
  • María Dolores Estrada García, Patron of the AGE Foundation
  • Celia Ferrero, ATA Executive Vice President
  • Valeriano Gomez, Trustee, Assets of Great Experience Foundation, AGE
  • José Antonio Herce San Miguel, Founding partner of LoRIS
  • Pilar Iglesias Valcarce, President AIPREX
  • Jesus Lahera Forteza, Professor of Labor Law, Complutense University of Madrid and Consultant Of Counsel of Abdon Pedrajas
  • Fernando Moreno, Director of Arinsa
  • María José Ramo Herrando, Partner of Garrigues, attached to the Department of Labor Law
  • Juan Pablo Riesgo, Partner of People Advisory Services at EY
  • Itziar Varona, Lawyer specialized in Labor Relations


All the people who have participated in this Fide working group have done so in a personal capacity and not on behalf of the entities, offices, Universities or companies, where they carry out their professional work, so these conclusions do not reflect and They do not collect institutional but specific positions of each one of the members of the group.

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Interview with Tomás Arrieta, 24h RTVE

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Group Director

Tomás Arrieta Carrillo

Honorary Professor of the UCM and President of the AGE Foundation. Member of the Academic Council of Fide.
Academic coordination: Belén Blanco and Victoria Dal Lago


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