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A generational perspective


A group of young people, of different nationalities, academic backgrounds, professional dedications, perspectives and ultimately very different profiles, But between the ages of 17 and 27, make up this project. The goal is to provide your opinion on the most relevant issues of our time. For this they meet regularly in Fide. They want to provide society with conclusions for a public debate, and for this they hold regular meetings in which, after a rigorous debate and analysis, They provide consensus ideas to advance social, intercultural and intergenerational dialogue.


Some of the issues the group is reflecting on:

  • Tools for thinking. Session summary
  • Mental health. Session summary
  • Immigration today: Impact and perspectives. Session summary
  • Data, information and context: from ignorance to knowledge. An alternative view of our world
  • The phenomenon of uberification
  • A life of 100 years
  • Truth, post truth, fake news

Group Coordinators

Carlos Fuerte Jimenez

Junior Lawyer at DLA.

Micaela Jimenez Awuapara

Law & Business Analytics Student at ICADE


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