Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan and application of European funds


The objective of the group is to monitor the actions that have been carried out and that are being planned to apply European funds, especially the Next Generation (EU), for the implementation of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan that seeks to reverse the situation economic crisis caused by COVID-19.

Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan Plan and RD Law 36/2020

The objective and the term in which it must be achieved, pose a difficult challenge that has led to the creation of instruments, the aforementioned Plan and RD Law 36/2020, which are embryonic in the sense that they must be developed for their application practice, but which already affect the traditional governance scheme, that of the instruments of public-private collaboration and public spending procedures.

Possibilities of action and solutions that allow a more effective public management.

This objective aims to be achieved both through legislative reform proposals, not only of Royal Decree Law 36/2020 via amendments in its current processing as a draft Law, but also of pre-existing norms, some of them regulatory, as well as through the creation or development of institutions in the field of governance, public-private collaboration and the appropriate procedures to carry out public spending in the most efficient, transparent and concurrent way.

Group Director

Antonio Rodriguez Castano

Managing Partner of Rodríguez Castaño Abogados
Academic coordination: Victory Dal Lago Demi

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