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"It is necessary to continue developing appropriate lines of action for the incorporation, integration and development of people with disabilities in the legal sector"
Image taken during the presentation

Yesterday, Cristina Jimenez Savurido, President of Fide participated in the course “Inclusive Justice”,  a summer course organized in connection with the Legal Assistant Course at the Rey Juan Carlos University and the Esfera Foundation, with which the GT of DI capacity de Fide collaborate intensely.

During the presentation, the work that has been carried out since Fide and Di-Capability Working Group regarding the promotion of inclusive measures that allow people with disabilities to integrate into the legal sector and perform valuable functions. This group, co-led by Fernando Bazán, Margarita Fernández, Ana Higuera and Cristina Jiménez, have a effective and real commitment with people with disabilities

En DI CAPACITY (working group on good practices regarding disability in professional firms) we continue to seek strategic alliances with Universities. Our goal is to find the best diverse talents or those with different abilities to favor their professional incorporation into the legal sector.

If you work in student care or orientation services, whatever the University, and you are interested in this project, we want to meet you. Get in touch with the group coordinator, Emilia Malacalza.

This working group is made up of a series of professionals who agreed on the need to develop adequate lines of action for the incorporation, integration and development of people with disabilities in law firms.

After the publication of the Good Practice Guide for the incorporation and professional development of people with disabilities in law firms last June, we continue the work sessions en Fide, with the offices that made up the Guide together with the new firms that have signed it.

The activity of this course 2021 2022 has focused on building an effective bridge between the URJC and law firms for performing traineeships by the students.

We have held joint work sessions to design content, activities, coaching sessions.

The result has been a success. And above all, it can be applied in more offices, legal advice companies and other institutions.

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