The Foundation Fide and the Notarial Association of Catalonia sign a collaboration agreement to promote research on Law and Business in Catalonia

"The purpose of the agreement is to jointly carry out training, consultancy and research activities, or of any other type, that benefit both parties"

Barcelona, ​​September 29, 2022-. The Notarial College of Catalonia and FIDE, the Foundation for Research on Law and Business, have today signed a collaboration agreement with the aim of promoting research on Law and Business in Catalonia. In this line, the agreement has as its main purpose establish channels for the joint performance of training, advice and research activities, or of any other type, in matters of interest to both institutions.

The agreement, which will enter into force today and will have an indefinite duration, may include activities such as courses, congresses, workshops and sessions, among others; conducting studies and research projects; or mutual advice and exchange of information or documentation.

Joseph Albert Marin, dean of the Notarial Association of Catalonia and Cristina Jimenez, president of FIDE, have signed the agreement this morning at the collegiate headquarters, where the session is held this afternoon "Administration and cybersecurity bodies”, with the participation of both, as well as Carlos López Blanco, president of the ESYS Foundation and state lawyer on leave of absence, and José M. Rojí, partner of Cms-Albiñana & Suárez de Lezo, arbitrator and mediator.

About the Notarial College of Catalonia

El Notarial College of Catalonia is the entity that integrates and represents, as a public law corporation, all notaries who practice the profession in the Catalan territory. The College of Catalonia has 491 demarcated notary offices. Notaries provide a public function of great importance based fundamentally on two basic principles: to guarantee legal certainty to citizens and to enforce legality in legal transactions in civil and commercial life.

About Us FIDE

The Foundation for Research on Law and Business (Fide) is a collective project born within civil society with a clearly defined vocation: to be a meeting place for companies, public administration and independent professionals. Every year, Fide organizes more than 300 forums and debates that provide first-hand knowledge of the resolutions, regulations or issues that arise daily in the legal-business environment, and the conclusions that are reached, which allows all attendees not only to have an approximation directly to the most relevant issues of the economic legal world, but also discuss them among themselves with direct knowledge of the opinions of their authors.

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