The incorporation of young people into law firms and how the selection processes mainly work

"We spoke with three human resources managers from large law firms to analyze the main challenges facing professionals in the legal sector today and the profiles that are necessary to address them"

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last March 6 FIDE organized, within the framework of Talented Opposition Club, the session "Human resources departments in law firms”. In the session participated as speakers Adela Garcia, HR Manager at Linklaters, Nuria Rexac, HR Manager of Cuatrecasas y Laura of the Rose, HR Manager at Auren. Moderating the session, Cristina Jimenez, President of the Foundation Fide. 

During this session, a conversation was held with three human resources managers from large law firms that allowed us to analyze the main challenges faced by professionals in the legal sector today, the profiles that are necessary to address them and issues related to the professional career. , the necessary personal skills, both to join these firms and to respond to the needs throughout their professional life.

Although HR departments manage the people who work in offices and accompany them and are present throughout their entire professional cycle, developing a wide universe of functions, which they share with the different heads of the departments of each one of the offices, our conversation has focused fundamentally on the initial moment: the incorporation of young people into law firms and how the selection processes in law firms mainly work.

In a simple way we can say that there are two main ways to join law firms, the one aimed at younger lawyers, who are looking for their first job, and the one in which a specific professional is sought to fill a vacancy or position. new to a certain area of ​​knowledge.

There are multiple ways to collect the CVs of the most interesting professionals for law firms, not only the websites, job fairs, job boards that exist in universities, social networks, etc. but we must not forget to also send our CV directly through the different professionals who work in an office or to the HR department, even when no selection process is open at that time. No HR department wants to miss out on meeting talented young lawyers, whether or not the time is right for their reception.

From the disparity in the selection processes that exist in the different firms, there seems to be unanimity in that an essential common element is personal interviews that are maintained, not only with the human resources directors, but also with the heads of the different departments. These interviews require specific preparation, they require knowing in detail the office in which we are going to conduct the interview, the person who is going to interview us, gathering relevant information from who our interlocutor is and, above all, asking interesting questions about essential issues. .

All those personal aspects, punctuality, adequate presence, attitude, friendly and smiling, etc. They are elements that will always help us to develop all the abilities we have during the interview and allow our talent to come to the fore.

Some advice for opponents and candidates for law firms

  • Do not send the CV in English to avoid confusion in the translation.
  • Transfer the CV through different means: internal channels (known within the company), the firm's platform, job fairs and social networks. 
  • Importance of languages ​​and complementary training.
  • Don't arrive too early for the interview, but don't be too late either. 
  • Show kindness, closeness and professionalism.
  •  Submit an orderly CV, without spelling mistakes and addressed to the exact office. 
  • Have an updated LinkedIn profile.

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