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The Left and Public Digital Money

" The economic boom that such a simple change can mean for the real economy of companies and families is undoubtedly a horizon that, in a world that is going backwards on so many fronts, should make us regain confidence. "

Going to have a public and safe digital money compared to the private and fragile money that we use today, as well as introducing competition in all banking activities (payments and credits to SMEs and families) that today are protected and heavily intervened by the State, is a structural change that will interest all political ideologies, whether right or left. Its effects of increasing productivity, GDP, public resources, inclusion, etc., will end up being valued by everyone. The text that Mario Martínez has sent me and that I publish today in this blog contains statements that I do not agree with, but it is a sample of the attractiveness that it can have for the left.

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The Left and Public Digital Money
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Miguel A. Fernandez Ordonez

Miguel A. Fernandez Ordonez

State economist. Former Governor of the Bank of Spain and member of the Governing Council of the European Central Bank (ECB). He currently teaches Seminars on Monetary Policy and Financial Regulation at IEUniversity.

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