The cloud as an enabling technology, its future and trends, generative AI… – Challenges Fide 2023-2024

"We met with María Álvarez Caro, Head Public Policy & Government Relations, Google Cloud Iberia, to discern the challenges facing cloud systems"

On the occasion of the beginning of the new academic year 2023-2024, and with the help of community professionals Fide, we analyze the main challenges that concern the legal and business world today, as well as the academic and institutional world. 

Today we meet with Maria Alvarez Caro, Head Public Policy & Government Relations, Google Cloud Iberia, to discern the challenges faced by cloud systems, an emerging technology with a long way to go.

What are the main challenges in the area of ​​cloud computing and storage? 

In summary, the 5 key points in cloud systems and their technologies are: the cloud as an enabling technology and its advantages, future of the cloud and trends, public policies to promote cloud adoption, generative artificial intelligence and its regulatory approach.

  1. The cloud as an enabling technology and advantages of the cloud

El cloud It allows access to emerging technologies such as AI and provides great advantages such as speed and agility at scale, cost reduction, data-driven innovation, improvements in security, allowing organizations to advance their sustainability objectives. You cannot talk about digital transformation without the cloud.

  1. Future of the cloud and trends

The cloud starts with virtual machines for data storage and computing and extends to today's world with generative AI. The public cloud will become more relevant, especially in environments multi cloud and hybrid cloud, where you can choose the best of each cloud for each workload.

  1. Public policies to drive cloud adoption

The level of cloud adoption in Spain is below the European average. It is key to implement 'Cloud first' strategies, where there is a commitment to the public cloud. Also, introduce improvements in cloud contracting processes, through centralized purchasing framework agreements, which cover all types of services. cloud.

  1. Generative Artificial Intelligence

With generative AI, a new paradigm is born with an impact on all industries and many functions. Generative AI is the next generation of AI technology that uses cutting-edge machine learning models, such as large language models (LLMs) and image generation models. 

5. Regulatory approach to AI/generative AI

AI regulation must take into account the complexity of the AI ​​ecosystem with providers, integrators, implementers, users, etc. to ensure adequate oversight. A risk-based approach is important and that responsibilities in the AI ​​value chain are assumed by whoever is best positioned to control the risk.

We will analyze and debate all of these challenges in open sessions of Fide. 

We continue to study the main challenges in this and many other relevant areas. You can find them all on our website. 

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