Informant law, criminal procedure law, supranational weight of Europe… – Challenges 2023-2024 – Criminal Law

"Today we met with Javier Sánchez Vera to analyze the most important points in the area of ​​criminal law for this academic year"

On the occasion of the beginning of the new academic year 2023-2024, and with the help of community professionals Fide, we analyze the main challenges that concern the legal, business, as well as academic and institutional world today.  

Today we meet with Javier Sánchez Vera, Partner at Ayala Abogados, Professor of Criminal Law at the Complutense University of Madrid, Doctor of Law from the University of Bonn and Academic Advisor of Fide, which analyzes the most important points in the area of ​​criminal law and provides the following five key points to overcome this challenge: 

  • Whistleblower Law 

Each legislative change in the criminal liability of legal entities generates great interest and much expectation. This is how it was when the great reform of art. 31 bis of 2015, and this has been the case now with the new whistleblower law. It is a challenge and it is a task of analysis and study to Fide adequately clear up the doubts it generates.  

  • Penal responsibility of juridical persons 

As a general framework for the previous point, corporate criminal liability continues to be an unavoidable challenge today. Better said, precisely today, because with the system becoming more established in jurisprudential practice every day, many open questions arise that will have to be completed, because the business world requires security and rigor. 

  • Criminal Procedure Law 

After several legislative projects for a new criminal procedure law, the process is not yet complete. It is also an exciting challenge, and it is very desirable, that from Fide, a reference in its forums of criminal legal debate, let us provide the necessary proposals, which will not ignore very finished and valuable previous projects.  

  • Supranational weight of Europe 

The European supranational weight in the criminal field is notable. There are more and more Directives that have a direct impact on criminal matters and, recently, the rise of the European Public Prosecutor's Office has exploded. Fide It is and must continue to be in a privileged position to participate in the process of reflection on this entire thriving process. 

We will analyze and debate all of these challenges in open sessions of Fide.  

We continue to study the main challenges in this and many other relevant areas. You can find them all on our website.  

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