I am going to reveal a secret. For many years I have had to face, like all of you who participate in this blog, complex situations where all our skills were required, not only intellectual but also emotional. These are times when we have to give the best of ourselves. Sometimes response times are limited and collateral pressures and difficulties unlimited. More or less extreme challenges that test our professionalism, our rigor, our intellectual discipline and, also, our own conscience. Our aptitude and our attitude. and in those casoYes, we usually turn to our experience and, of course, to our friends from whom we can always expect good help and advice.

Well, as I was saying, I am going to reveal something that I have rarely commented on. In these situations, and perhaps also as a result of my literary vein, I often resort to my readings and always think of a novel, a classic story or a play. And I think this way because I am sure that in the plots of the classics or in the characterization of many literary characters there are traces of human behavior that can be obviously useful when analyzing how I should behave and how others should behave. . In the context of human relations, and in the world of Law but also in the world of power relations in public and private organizations, we do nothing but reproduce forms of human reaction, in different microcosms and in variable ecosystems, but what that does not vary is the root of human behavior. Greed, envy, greed, flattery, pride. Acaso these pathologies that are still present in our relationships are not part of the very essence of the most important books ever written? And as I say, tocaso Aren't they part of our daily activity, in our permanent set of judgments and prejudices to which we expose ourselves?

I have expressly avoided the word “political”. And not by mistake, not even out of moral apprehension in view of how the most famous of the moral sciences has been mistreated and continues to be mistreated in the last decade in our country. I have thought it convenient that the voice "power" be the one that gives a word to this forum for reflection, because both Law and literature are science and art that reflect, sometimes with the precision of an entomologist, the strengths and weaknesses of men in society. constant search for power in its broadest sense. Public power and private power. But at the end of the day power. What's more, in this forum we will appeal to our intelligence so as not to talk about national politics or strategies or alliances. At the most of power. Because perhaps among all of us we have to rescue that free and unique thought that abhors gregariousness and slogans. And for this, what better way than, for a moment, to abandon oneself to reading and return to the origin, there where moral scruples are left hanging on the coat rack and we face ourselves. Without tags.

And so I invite you to go to this stretcher table in digital format, with the heater under the feet, and with a balcony facing the street where the light declines. This is how I remember some reading afternoons in my youth, when we thought we were masters of time now that time has dominated us. And through this blog I will propose readings. But with the faith of the relict. And since sometimes we won't be able to read, because time is running out, I'll tell you the plot or, in its caso, I will highlight a short fragment for us to meditate on. And the day that some deluded person like me thinks that the stove of free thought must not yet be extinguished and that it is worthy of being considered in the analysis of our problems, both before a Court of Justice, as in a negotiation or as a process of decision-making, and I find someone across the table thinking about how a character would act or how the development or outcome of a plot can transfer to that situation, I will think that all is not lost.

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Literature, Law and Power

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Mario Garces Sanagustin

Mario Garces Sanagustin

Auditor and Auditor of the State. State Treasury Inspector. Member of the Academic Council of Fide.

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