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DDSP - Digital Money and Payment Systems

Narratives on the price of crypto assets

We have started the year with falls of more than 50% on average (at the time of writing) in the price of the main crypto assets. The question is whether something abnormal is happening when traditional assets, such as stock markets, have only fallen between 8% and 12% from highs.

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DDSP - Digital Money and Payment Systems

DDSP Working Group: Focusing 2022 and Beyond

Given the complexity of the changes, it is not easy to define a final destination towards which to draw a precise roadmap, but it is possible to visualize some of the issues in which the Digital Money and Payment Systems (DDSP) workgroup we will have to deepen during 2022

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Blog The Confideinitial

'Fit for 55': where Europe is taking us

'Fit for 55' aims to direct a radical change in the economic, social and industrial fields that guarantees a fair, competitive and ecological transition

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Prisoner's dilemma and mediation

The benefits of mediation remain largely unknown. But through a mediation process, the mediator creates a safe space for the exchange of information between the parties, restoring the possibilities of a collaborative or constructive negotiation.

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Safe Money Blog

The Digital Euro in Parliament

In the same way that has happened with the liberalization of other regulated monopolies, competition in payment services will not only ensure that current services are better provided, but new services will emerge that today we cannot even imagine

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