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State aid: better to notify than to defend

While the authorization by the Commission of the aid measures that are notified to it becomes more flexible and easier for the Member States, the control by the Commission itself and the CJEU of the aid that has not been notified is stricter

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The anachronism: childhood disease of history

The story is full of gaps, where there is no specific and clear script that projects it. Judging the events of the past with the present mentality is an evil that afflicts the historian's profession and, in general, current society.

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A renewed Employment Law

The intention is to contribute to adapting the Spanish labor market to the new social, economic and technological realities

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Parliament as a bulwark

The function of a Parliament is to legislate. Also center, balance. But the function that becomes a mission is to represent.

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IP Enforcement and Cybersecurity – GDE 23 report

Speakers from Europe, Israel, and WIPO (Australia/UK and Switzerland) provided a worldwide picture of the future of IP and Cybersecurity, including re-imagining IP in this area in favor of both fair business and consumers/society

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Delivery of the 2022 Antonio Moreno Espejo Journalism Award

The jury based its decision on the quality of the work within the genre of investigative journalism, the relevance of the topic when dealing with the risks of unregulated products and offers from a caso concrete, in addition to addressing a young audience with clear and direct language.

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The European prism

The process of European integration is going through a decisive stage. The European Union is showing its capacity to provide answers and take political action on urgent issues. European politics is being an active power in the geopolitical puzzle and how and where the pieces are being repositioned.

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