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New Cycle of Sessions of Fide: Internal criminal investigations

"Under the moderation of Enrique Bacigalupo Zapater this cycle will be divided into 2 sessions between the months of February and March"

Fide organizes this cycle of sessions in which the internal criminal investigations in a total of 2 sessions, performing a comparative analysis and analyzing the use of technology in research, under the moderation of Enrique Bacigalupo Zapater, Professor of Criminal Law. Lawyer, A25 Lawyers and Economists. Academic Advisor of Fide.

1st session: Wednesday, February 2 – Comparative Analysis (face-to-face and online)

The proliferation of internal investigations in the context of Compliance has caused some legislation in our environment to regulate the means, forms and modes in which an internal investigation must be carried out. Immediately problems of a procedural nature -evidence- and the rights of those involved in the investigation -fundamental rights- that, on occasions, overlap with the rights of the company that tries to avoid illicit behavior, from which criminal liability may arise of the legal person. In this session, we will analyze the most relevant elements of the projects underway in France and Germany, as well as the regulation in the United Kingdom and the United States, contextualizing these projects with the most recent jurisprudence of our courts.

Speakers: Íñigo Ortiz De Urbina, Professor of Criminal Law and collaborator of the Oliva-Ayala office; Javier Sánchez-Vera Gómez-Trelles, Professor of Criminal Law (Univ. Complutense) – Partner of Oliva-Ayala Abogados, Academic Advisor of Fide y Carlos Zavala, Partner of Clifford Chance.


2nd session: Wednesday, March 2 – Use of technology in investigations in criminal proceedings (face-to-face and online)

Technology is one of the most necessary tools for obtaining evidence in internal investigations. Its use, to a large extent, will depend on respecting current legislation on obtaining evidence, but there are many other issues that vary enormously in a short time due to the dizzying evolution of technology. From remote access to computer equipment or mobile phones, access to social networks, video calls and endless emerging systems that can help us when obtaining information for an internal investigation. Also issues related to access to data stored in the cloud or on inaccessible servers, or even in other non-cooperative countries. All these issues will be addressed in this session from the technical and legal point of view.

Speakers: Javier Garcia-Chappell, Senior Director of the Technology department in Spain of FTI Consulting and Carlos Zavala, Partner of Clifford Chance


Place of celebration: For face-to-face attendance, the session will take place at the headquarters of Fide en COAM (63 Hortaleza Street, Madrid) and for online assistance, it will be developed through the platform Microsoft Teams.

Hours: The sessions of the cycle will be developed 15: 00 16 to: 30 hours (Peninsular Spain Time, Balearic Islands included)

Methodology: The dynamics of holding the session will respect the usual system of Fide and the participation and interaction of the speakers and attendees as well, exclusively making the changes required for its online and face-to-face celebration.

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