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Antonio Moreno Espejo Journalism Award

"FIDE and Co-directors of the Financial Markets Forum"

On February 1, the Antonio Moreno Espejo Journalism Prize was awarded in its first edition and we could not stop making a reference to it in this tribute blog to Antonio. The award-winning articles deal with topics of capital importance such as financial education and investor protection, to which Antonio dedicated so much effort. Gloria's intervention is very noteworthy, highlighting the importance of values ​​in journalism and teaching.

Inspired by Antonio's practical spirit and so that these words of remembrance have an additional utility, we include the links to the two articles that have been awarded:

"The Euribor, to the classrooms", signed by Carlos de Fuenmayor and published on 

"This is how the financial bars act: how to avoid falling into their tentacles",  signed by Fernando Belinchón, Eduardo Loren García and Pablo M. Simón, published in Cinco Días.

The members of the Jury have been: Beatriz Gloria Viana, director of the CNMV, as president; Ángel Martínez-Aldama, president of Inverco; Manuel Pardos, president of Adicae and Ignacio Santillán Fraile, general director of Fogain and Co-director of the Financial Markets Forum of FIDE.

So that you can see the emotional ceremony of delivery we attach a link to the video of the ceremony, in which in addition to congratulating the winners and giving them their awards, the work and professional and human career of our beloved Antonio was highlighted. Award ceremony of the Antonio Moreno Espejo Journalism Award 2017

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Antonio Moreno Espejo Journalism Award

About the Blog

Blog Tribute Antonio Moreno

Blog Tribute Antonio Moreno

Blog tribute to Antonio Moreno Espejo, who was Director of Authorizations and Registrations, National Securities Market Commission (CNMV), co-director of the Financial Markets Forum of Fide and Member of the Academic Council of FIDE. This collective blog contains articles and reflections generated by people who regularly participate in the Financial Markets Forum of Fide.

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